SMO- The Best Ways to Learn and Practice Social Media Optimization in 2023

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Digital marketing is a big term that has many practices followed within. One of those terms and practices is SMO (social media optimization).

As per the leading Digital Agency of India – DigitalVisheshSocial media Optimization is a unique strategy to reach out to a new and bigger audience by managing social media networks. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter has a bigger hand in reaching people and boosting the performance of any business website.

It has many benefits like:

  • Reaching out to a bigger mass audience, which eventually increases engagement leading to good traffic and clicks on your websites.
  • The comments and feedback on your social platforms give people powerful proof to believe in your brand. If you write blogs or own a YouTube channel, the comment and subscribers on the blog and channel indicate the quality of the content.
  • It increases brand awareness and gives the best ROI (Return on investment).

And the list will go on. 

Let’s discuss the best ways to practice SMO:

1. Keyword analysis and research:

Keyword ResearchPin

It is one of the very first practices to follow. Everything depends on the word we put or use. When we google anything, it searches the results by the words you have used. 

Prepare lists of keywords that look relevant to your company name, brand name, product, services, etc. Structure social media smartly by adding these keywords in the username (i.e., company name), post content, hashtags, a bio by using them naturally.

Make sure the keywords align with the brand or company goals.

2. Create Strategies:

Planning and scheduling posts is a very effective way of not losing our audience. Understand the metrics and insights, look for the time when your audience or followers are most active. 

Posting content once a day or twice a day will bring more engagements. It will give the audience the sense of you being active on social media actively. Make use of the results or insights and act upon them, as it will help you understand your audience better.

3. Focus on the content quality:

The content you put should add value. Firstly, the quality of the content used to matter with the SEO term. But as the google algorithm is evolving with time, a lot of changes have taken place. Social media content should be informative as well as entertaining to grab the attention of the users.

But this process is never-ending; you have to create quality content every time you post or put something on social links, then only there will be consistency.

4. Integrating Social Media on the website:

Including social media buttons on your websites and placing them in the right place to get user’s attention is very effective. We can add direct links to your websites on your social media. There is an option on Instagram, which allows you to add a website link to your profile.

Adding social sharing buttons on your blog is also helpful as it gives a healthy reminder to users in case, they want to share your blog.

Social media platforms like Facebook hold high authority that helps to rank in SERPs (Search engine results pages).

5. Growing your follower base:

Grow FollowersPin

Having Social media accounts and followers won’t help you grow your business. And if you are thinking of buying proxy followers, let me tell you it won’t help but will decrease the quality of your followers. Your followers should grow organically; this process takes time, as reaching out to people is not a one-day process.

Gaining followers needs consistency, entertaining and informative content. As the followers grow, it will be easy for you to rank in the list.


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6. Optimize Your content

Social media algorithms increase your reach one day, and the next day, there will be no response. But optimizing your content will always help you rank much higher than the last time. You can post the same post again with more good titles and descriptions that include better keywords.

For example: If you ever made a post on “Best website builders,” you can rename the title to “Best Website builders for beginners” or “Best website builders in 2023”. This increases the chances of you getting a better reach and audience.


I hope all these things will help you to optimize your social media presence.

The more time you give to improve your social presence, the more ROI you’ll receive. Analyzing and working on insights to make better improvements will also add value.

Social Media optimization is not only crucial for individuals, but it is essential for brands too.

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