Kadence Theme Review 2023 | What Makes Kadence Best WordPress Theme

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If you are looking for a “Kadence Theme Review” before purchasing a Kadence WordPress theme, you have probably come to the right place.

Here I will explain everything about Kadence Theme that you must know about before you start using Kadence Theme on your WordPress website.

As we all know WordPress is the most popular, easy-to-use content management system (CMS) available in the market. Why because it is free to use and allows you to create almost any kind of website that you ever imagined.

The best part of using WordPress is that it enables you to install/ integrate third-party themes, plugins, and many other products/ services to uncover more possibilities for WordPress.

That is why you can see thousands of developers and companies available in the market that boldly claim to offer better tools and services for your business.

Unfortunately, there are very few providers that stand in the competition, as they consistently provide value to the customer with their incredible products and services.

But the problem is that you can’t use every product to find the right tools for your WordPress website. But don’t worry I have taken all the pain for you and found the best Product which will overwhelm you.

And I have come up with this post where I will describe a fast-growing WordPress theme called “Kadence Theme“. This theme is developed by Kadence WP company which is very fast-loading, lightweight, feature-rich, and one of the best WordPress themes out there.

Before I get on to the topic let’s have a short overview of Kadence Theme’s Background.

Who is Behind Kadence Theme – Kadence WP?

StellarWP ProductPin

Kadence theme is the innovative product of the Kadence WP company that offers clean and professional class WordPress themes and plugins that help everyday people create beautiful websites hassle-free.

Furthermore, Kadence WP is managed by StellarWP which is the brand of the Liquid Web family, which has an incredible track record of providing elegant products and services with top-notch customer support.

Kadence WP offers a variety of WordPress tools that make your website building and management process more seamless and easy. Kadence WP empowers millions of websites with their quality products and services and that is why they have over 200,000+ happy customers worldwide.

So, now let’s have a look at Kadene WP products,

Products Offered by Kadence WP?

Kadence WP ProductsPin

Kadence WP is committed to providing world-class WordPress themes and plugins so that you can build a professional-looking website hassle-free.

Whether you are a blogger or a small business owner, you will get everything here to build a fully functional WordPress website without having any technical knowledge.

Here is the list of products that Kadence WP offers,

  • Kadence Theme: A fastest-growing, lightweight, robust WordPress theme that lets you build a beautiful professional-looking website as quickly as possible. We will learn more about the Kadence Theme features and functionality in this post.
  • Kadence Blocks: WordPress default editor has many features and functionalities that you need to create a post or a page for your business needs. But Kadence Blocks (Guttenberg Blocks) extend the possibility for default Guttenberg editor so that you can create a website post, page, or layout to meet every aspect of your business requirements.
  • Kadence Conversions: It helps you to create high-converting popups, subscriber forms, coupon popups, and many more to increase your conversion and generate more leads for your business. If you are a blogger then Kadence Conversions is the right tool to monetize your traffic. By using Kadence Conversion you can display the right content at the right time to the right audience to maximize your business revenue.
  • Kadence Shop Kit: If you are thinking of creating a stunning WooCommerce website then Kadence Shop Kit could be the perfect tool for you. It provides 15+ premium and fully customizable modules so that you can create a fully functional eCommerce store without writing a single line of code.
  • Kadence Cloud: If you are a developer or WordPress designing savvy then you can take advantage of Kadence Cloud to save your time and make extra money for your hard work. You can save your design on the cloud and integrate any website to import your template efficiently. You can also sell your design by using the WooCommerce license plugin.
  • Kadence Bundle: It is the Kadence WP subscription that allows you to use all the WordPress themes and Plugins (based on the bundle subscription that you purchase) without paying extra money.

So, you can say that Kadence WP is the one-stop solution for all your WordPress needs that you ever need to create a professional-looking and fully functional website hassle-free.

Now let’s move ahead in the Kadence Theme Review and see why you should choose Kadence Theme, what capability it has, and how it helps you create a WordPress website more efficiently.

Kadence Theme Review – An Introduction

Kadence WordPress ThemePin

As I mentioned earlier the Kadence Theme is the Kadence WP product, which has many years of experience in creating clean and world-class WordPress themes and plugins so that any non-techy background person can also build a desired website more efficiently,

So, Kadence Theme is one of the elegant products of Kadence WP which was founded in 2020, and since then it has gained (and growing fast) tremendous popularity among WordPress users.

Currently, Kadence Theme has millions of active installations and over 300,000+ happy customers worldwide.

Kadence Theme offers tons of features and functionality in terms of customization that accelerate your site designing process and save you a lot of time.

It is also fully compatible with almost every WordPress plugin so that you can build a website without any conflict.

Kadence Theme also offers a free version you can install from the WordPress library to get started with this awesome theme. But remember, Kadence Free comes with very few features and a lot of limitations.

Now let’s have a look at some attention-grabbing features and functionality of Kadence Theme that make the WordPress website building process easy for you.

Kadence Theme Features and Functionality

Kadence Theme FeaturesPin

There are a lot of features and functionality that the Kadence Theme offers that help you to create and customize your WordPress website as per your business needs faster than ever.

Here is the list of features and functionality that Kadence Theme offers,

1: Deep Customization Facility

Kadence Theme Customization OptionPin

One of the most required features that you must look for while choosing any premium theme. Your WordPress themes should offer a deep customization facility so that you can customize your site look and layout to meet your brand requirements.

But don’t worry, Kadence Theme comes with a lot of customization features along with a custom header & footer builder so that you never limit your creativity at all.

To access theme customization you need to go to WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize OR Kadence for individual customization settings.

Here is what Kadence Theme offers,

  • Typography Control
  • Color Control
  • Layout Control
  • Header Control
  • Footer Control
  • Page Layout Control
  • Post Layout Control
  • Widget Display Control
  • Navigation Display Control
  • And Much More

So you can say that Kadence Theme offers full control over each part of your website so that you can customize your site layout and look according to your business requirements.

Note: You will get two options (General Tab & Design Tab) in each setting that you can use to customize your website content as per your requirements. Whereas the General option refers to what content you want to display and the Design option enables you to customize them.

2: Clean Coded, Lightweight & Fast Loading

Do you know a poorly coded theme can be heavy and drastically slow down your site speed? You can get a lot of themes but very few are fast-loading and lightweight.

And the Kadence Theme is one of them which is well-coded, fast-loading, and lightweight that never impacts your site speed.

Despite having too many customization options, Kadence Theme performance is amazing. I have installed Kadence Theme and enabled all the options to check the site speed.

Here is the GTmetrix site speed report that amazes me,

Kadence Theme Speed TestPin

As you can see the performance is 100%, and the site loads fully in 0.5s as I am using shared hosting and this is an awesome result.

3: Starter Templates (Free & Pro)

Sometimes it happens that you want to launch your website as soon as possible. In such cases, a website starter template can be a better option for you, which helps you launch an attractive website without wasting much time on site customization.

Thanks to Kadence Theme, which offers hundreds (free and premium) of beautifully designed site starter templates (it includes a homepage, contact page, about page, etc.) that you can use to launch your website/ business without doing any customization.

All the templates are fully responsive & customizable so that you can make any changes to meet your brand requirements without losing the viewing experience.

To get the advantage of Kadence Theme Starter Templates you need to install & activate the Kadence Starter Templates plugin from WordPress Library.

After that, either you open the editor for a new post or page -> click on the design library icon -> choose the different types of templates, and import them into your site. This option site is suitable for creating a single-page layout.

OR you need to click on the Appearance -> Starter Templates which will open a new page in front of you. Here you can see all the website templates that are well-categorized.

Using Kadence Starter TemplatesPin

Here is the template category that you will find.

  • Course
  • Event
  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Nonprofit
  • Blog
  • Membership

You just need to filter templates based on business type, free/ pro, and editor type (Guttenberg or Elementor) to import them on your website.

After that click on the templates which will take you to another page where you can change the color and font style and click on either import a single page (the active page will be imported on your site) or a full site (all the pages which templates have).

Furthermore, you can customize them as per your requirements.

Note: You can use free templates but remember, there are some pro starter templates available that require a Kadence Theme Pro license and Kadence Blocks plugin (Free & Pro).

4: Color Control

color settingsPin
Source: KadenceWP

Color combinations of any website attract visitors and provide the best reading experience while consuming your website content.

That is why Kadence Theme offers full control over color selection for your website content. You can set any color of your post or page element easily.

You are allowed to change the color of the following elements,

  • Button
  • Body Text
  • Heading/ Titles
  • Site Background
  • Content Background
  • Content Links
  • Elements Hover Color
  • And Much More

Apart from that, Kadence Theme offers three global color palettes that you can define for changing your website color combination in a single click.

To do so you just need to open the Kadence Theme Customizer and select the color & font option to customize color combinations for your entire site elements.

5: Typography Control

Source: KadenceWP

Like color combinations, the font style of your website plays an important role in providing the best reading experience to your audience.

In case you need to select the font (type, style, size, and color) combination very cleverly that looks attractive and easy to read. So Kadence Theme can set the desired font style for your website content.

Kadence Theme supports all the Google fonts and system fonts that you can define. Apart from that using Custom Font Plugin you can add your desired custom font for your website content.

You are allowed to change the font style of the following,

  • Heading/ Title
  • Button
  • Body Text
  • Header Content
  • Navigation Menu
  • Footer Content
  • Widget Title
  • And Many More

To set the font style you need to follow the color control steps and select the typography option available in the second step.

Apart from that, here you are also allowed to set the global color (background color, hover color), font, and layout (padding, border, radius, shadow) of buttons that will appear on your website.

Note: These color and font control options are for choosing the global color and font for your website content that you can change later in other customization settings.

6: Branding

It is another fascinating feature of Kadence Theme that allows you to set your brand identity smoothly.

By using this feature you can add your brand name, and tagline OR simply upload a logo and site favicon of your website or business wherever you want and customize them for the best visibility.

7: Website Layout

layout settingsPin
Source: KadenceWP

No matter which type of content is published on your website, if you don’t have a proper website layout, it may distract your reader.

In such a case you need to customize your site layout that looks clean and clutter-free so that users can get the best reading experience.

So if you use Kadence Theme you can customize your site layout in the best possible way to provide an amazing user experience.

Kadence Theme allows you to customize the header, footer, page, post, search result page, and archive for the best viewing experience.

Here is what you can do,

  • Title Visibility
  • Title Layout
  • Title Alignment
  • Title Element Visibility
  • Page/ Archive/ Post Layout Options
  • Content Style
  • Content Padding
  • And Many More

To do this you need to go to the theme customizer and choose the post/ page layout and search result page to customize a custom post layout as you want.

Kadence Theme Footer BuilderPin

The first and last things that users see on your website, so in such cases, you need to have attractive and meaningful content to retain your audience on your site.

Thanks to Kadence Theme which offers a drag & drop header/ footer builder that allows you to create attractive and high-converting header and footer for your website.

Apart from that you can also customize your header for a transparent background and sticky that looks quite cool.

There is a lot more that you can do with header/ footer builder to increase your conversion and retain your visitors for a long time.

To create your header and footer you need to go to Kadence Theme Customizer and then select the header/ footer option to start customizing them.

Apart from that Kadence Theme allows you to create a sticky header, mobile header, and transparent header that you can use according to your requirements.

9: Hooked Elements

It is the incredible features of any theme (if it is available) that allow you to display custom content throughout your website hassle-free.

And here is the good news for you, Kadence Theme offers Hooked Elements (Pro Feature) so that you can create and display custom content on your website.

By using Kadence Theme Hooked Elements feature you can create the following,

  • Sections
  • Fixed Elements
  • Templates
  • HTML Code

Apart from creating hooked elements, you are allowed to customize and display them wherever you want.

You can show and hide these hooked elements based on different criteria such as blog posts, pages, users, devices, and much more.

Furthermore, you can customize all the content of hooked elements as per the block settings available.

The best part of using hooked elements is that you can set the expiration times for each. That means you don’t need to remove those elements as they are disabled after a given period.

To create a new hooked element you need to go to WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Elements -> Add New and after that, you will see the following interface

Kadence Theme Hooked ElementsPin

Here are the Hooked Elements setting that you must know,

3. Add here the title of the hooked element

4. add the content of a hooked element

5. Click here to open hooked element settings

6. This is the hooked element customization section which includes the following settings

  • Element Type: This setting allows you to choose element types such as content section, fixed section, template, or HTML editor.
  • Placement: In this setting, you can select a part (position) of the website where the hooked element will be displayed. This setting is variable based on the element type that you choose.
  • Display Settings: Here you can define the page or post of your website where the hooked element would be shown or hidden.
  • User Setting: Here you can set the rule for the hooked element to show or hide for the user-specific.
  • Expire Settings: In this setting, you can define the element visibility duration after that it will be automatically hidden for all.

There are some more settings available that you can access by clicking the Kadence Logo icon adjacent to step (5) to customize your hooked elements.

7. When everything is fine you have to click on the publish button to show the current hooked element on your site as per the settings which you configured.

In the end, I can say that Kadence Hooked Elements is quite an innovative feature that makes many more things super easy.

Using this feature you can create some promotional content to increase your leads and make a decent profit.

10: Advanced Header Builder

Kadence Theme Advanced Header BuilderPin

As I told you earlier, an attractive and meaningful header can be beneficial to retain your audience or force them to check more content within your website.

That is why Kadence Theme doesn’t want to impose any restrictions while creating a high-converting header more efficiently.

So, now you have advanced features (19 premium elements) to build the desired header such as the ultimate menu (mega menu), conditional menu, and a lot more.

Apart from that you can customize each header element as per your brand requirements and display/ hide them conditionally.

Kadence Theme Custom ScriptsPin

Sometimes you need an additional plugin to add a script in your website header/ footer/ body part to integrate third-party tools.

But now you need an extra plugin or deal with complex theme files anymore. Because Kadence Theme offers in-built features that allow you to add any script in your website header, footer, or body part.

To use these features you need to enable the header/ footer scripts option from Appearance -> Kadence -> enable header/ footer scripts option.

After that custom scripts option will be available in the Kadence Theme Customizer that you can use to add your custom scripts to your website.

So, by seeing these features and functionality I must say that Kadence Theme is one of the most powerful multipurpose WordPress themes available in the market.

Kadence Theme offers a lot of customization options so that you can create almost any kind of website without having any technical knowledge.

I am quite sure that you have now understood the Kadence Theme capability. But if you’re still confused then there are some more benefits of using Kadence Theme.

Let’s get started,

Why Choose Kadence Theme?

Kadence Theme Pro FeaturesPin

We have already learned a lot about Kadence Theme capability however here some more benefit is there that you must know before making any decision.

So, let’s see a list of Kadence Theme benefits,

  • Ease of Use: No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, Kadence Theme comes with an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface so that you can start using it without wasting much time learning Kadence Theme functionality.
  • Compatibility: Kadence Theme is fully compatible with almost every WordPress plugin, page builder ( Elementor Page Builder, Beaver Builder, Divi, etc.), LMS plugin, and many more. That means you can use Kadence Theme along with your favorite plugin without having any conflict
Kadence Theme IntegrationPin
  • Custom CSS: If you are not satisfied with the Kadence Theme layout, No Problem you are allowed to use your own Custom CSS to give the desired look to your website and fulfill your brand requirement.
  • Dark Mode: Do you want to create two variations of your website? I mean dark mode, well Kadence Theme allows you to create dark mode for your website more efficiently.
  • WooCommerce Addons: It is an amazing feature if you are building an online store Kadence WooCommerce Addons enable you to customize your store more quickly and efficiently.
  • Performance Features: Apart from lightweight and fast loading, Kadence Theme offers some additional performance features such as loading Gravatars locally, Scroll To ID, Lightbox, Load Google Fonts Locally, Preload Local Fonts, Enabling CSS Preload, etc. to improve site speed.
Kadence Theme Performance FeaturesPin
  • Incredible Sister Products: You can extend the Kadence Theme capability by using other sister products like Kadence Blocks, Kadence Conversions, Kadence Shop Kit, and Kadence Cloud to improve your business growth.
  • Theme Setting Export/ Import: If you have multiple websites then this feature can save you much time. You can import and export your Kaence Theme Setting in a single click and use them where you want.
  • Top-Notch Support: One of the main deciding factors when you are choosing any product or service. So, with Kadence Theme you will get high-quality support via ticketing and community forums.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base and Documentation: Apart from support, Kadence offers a comprehensive knowledge base and product documentation that you can use to quickly get started with Kadence Products.
Kadence Theme Knowledge BasePin
  • 30-day Refund Policy: Kadence Theme offers an industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee that means if you are not satisfied with their product and services you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. But I am quite sure that Kadence Theme will never disappoint you.

Now, I have covered almost everything about Kadence Theme that you must know before you start using it.

But wait a minute,

Probably you have one question in your mind if Kadence is available for Free then you should get a Pro license.

So, continue reading to learn more,

Kadence Free vs Kadence Pro – Comparison

As you know Kadence Theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme which available for free to use in the WordPress library.

Although Kadence Free is quite good compared to other WordPress themes, however, I would suggest you go with Kadence Pro which adds more functionality to reduce your effort while creating a professional-looking website.

So, to clear your confusion here is the comparison table of Kadence Free and Kadence Pro that can help you to make the right decision,

So, let’s see Kadence Free vs Kadence Pro comparison table,

FeaturesKadence FreeKadence Pro
Header/ Footer Builder✅ 
Starter Templates
Global Color & Fonts Colors
Post/ Page Layout✅ 
Page Builder Compatibility
Sticky/ Transparent Header
Lightbox & Scroll to ID
WooCommerce & LMS Integration
Advanced Header Builder
Conditional Header
Hooked Elements
Custom Fonts
Header/ Footer Script
Local Gravatars
Fixed & Inline Content Elements
WooCommorce Addons
Ultimate Menu Builder
Dark Mode Color Palletes
Custom Archive Layout Settings
20+ Header Addon Elements
Custom 404 Page
Infinite Scroll
Premium Support
Install FreeGet Pro

So, by seeing this comparison table you can easily figure out that Kadence Free has only basic features and functionality whereas Kadence Pro offers a lot of advanced extra features that increase your productivity.

So, I would highly recommend you to try Kadence Theme once and start creating the website that you ever imagined.

Pros & Cons of Using Kadence Theme

By the way, I have explained everything about Kadence Theme features and functionality and how it enables you to create a professional website hassle-free.

However, here are some Pros and Cons of using Kadence Theme that you must know,

Pros of Using Kadence Theme

  • It comes with easy to use user-friendly interface
  • Kadence Theme offers tons of customization options
  • Allows you to use Kadence Theme on unlimited websites
  • It has smooth integration with WooCommerce and LMS plugins
  • Compatible with almost every WordPress plugin
  • Kadence Theme is lightweight, fast-loading, and fully responsive
  • It offers hundreds of professionally designed starter templates
  • Kadence Theme provides hooked elements to display custom content
  • Have an extensive knowledge base and documentation to quickly get started
  • competitive pricing is fully justified with the feature you get
  • Offers premium support and regular product updates
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Cons of Using Kadence Theme

  • Starter templates are fewer compared to some Kadence competitors
  • Documentation must be increased
  • No live chat support
  • No white label option
  • Pro templates are not available with Kadence Theme Pro
  • Theme customizers can be confusing for the first-time user

Kadence Theme Pricing

Kadence Theme PricingPin

Pricing of any products and services is the most crucial factor that may change your mind about whether you purchase those products or not.

Kadence Theme offers a free version that can be installed directly from the WordPress library but if you want to use the full capability of Kadence Theme you must have to purchase Kadence Theme Pro Addon.

But you don’t have to worry Kadence Theme (Kadence Pricing) has very competitive pricing that includes all the features and functionality along with premium support, unlimited site usage, regular updates, and 30 30-day refund policy.

If you want to buy Kadence Theme alone then you have to pay $59/Year (renew at $79/Year). However, there are other options available to take advantage of Kadence Theme.

You can buy the Kadence bundle plan which includes Kadence Theme as well as other products which can open more possibilities for you.

Here is the Kadence Bundle pricing structure,

Kadence Essential Bundle: This plan costs you $129/Year which includes premium support, one-year product updates, unlimited site license, and a 30-day buy-back guarantee.

Here is the list of Kadence Products that you will get in the essential bundle,

  • Kadence Theme Pro
  • Kadence Blocks Pro
  • Kadence Custom Fonts
  • Kadence Pro Starter Templates

Kadence Full Bundle: If you purchase the full bundle plan then you are allowed to use all the Kadence products on unlimited sites for the entire year.

In the Kadence Full Bundle, you will get the following,

  • Everything in the essential plan
  • Kadence Cloud
  • Kadence Conversions
  • Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit
  • Child Theme Builder
  • Kadence Recaptcha
  • Access to all plugins
  • Exclusive access to all future products

Kadence Lifetime Full Bundle: This plan costs you $699/one time. The Kadence lifetime full bundle is the most profitable plan that allows you to use all Kadence products for a lifetime on unlimited websites. That is, buy once and use forever. When you buy the Full Lifetime bundle, you can get rid of having to renew your Kadence product license over and over again which is quite expensive.

Note:  If you wish to upgrade to the Kadence WP premium plan, don’t miss out on a special discount. Apply the “TAKE10” coupon code during checkout to get a 10% instant discount on your purchase.

How to Buy & Getting Started with Kadence Theme

Well, if you have reached here that means you wanted to buy Kadence Theme Pro for your business requirements.

So, let me tell you that it is a very simple process to buy a Kadence Theme and install it on your WordPress website.

Just follow the given steps to purchase the Kadence Theme to get started with it.

Let’s move ahead to purchase Kadence Theme,

Step 1. First, you need to click on the Exclusive Link that will take you to the Kadence Theme Pricing page.

Step 2. On this page, you need to click on the “GET THEME PRO ADDON” that will redirect you to the account creation page for placing an order.

Kadence Theme Plan SelectionPin

Step 3. Here you need to provide your valid email and billing address along with the payment method (Credit Card or PayPal) to place an order for Kadence Theme.

Step 4. After providing all the information you need to cross-check them once. If everything is okay then you need to check box T&C and then click on the “Place Order” button for the next step.

Kadence WP Account DetailsPin

Step 5. In this step, you need to follow the instructions for payment transactions to place an order for Kadence Theme. On successful payment, you will get an email regarding a recent purchase.

Step 6. Now you are ready to log in to your Kadence account where you can download Kadence Theme Pro to use on your website.

Step 7. When you log in to your account it looks like this (see image below) where you will find the product as per your subscription. Now go to the product downloads option and download a zip file of Kadence Theme Pro Addon.

Kadence WP AccountPin

Note: Kadence Theme Pro Addon is a WordPress plugin that requires Kadence Theme Free to be installed on your site to work. First, install the Kadence theme from the WordPress library and follow the next step.

Step 8. Now access your WordPress admin dashboard and select Plugin -> Add New -> Upload Plugin to install Kadence Theme Pro Addon.

Kadence Pro InstallationPin

Step 9. Now click on the choose file or drag & drop the downloaded zip file of Kadence Theme Pro Addon and click on the Install Now button. After that, it will take a few seconds to install, and then click to activate your plugin.

Step 10. You have successfully installed and activated the Kadence Theme & Pro Addon on your site. Next, you have to activate your license to get the full benefit of the Kadence Theme Pro features and functionality.

Step 11. To activate your license, go to WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Kadence. Here you will find the Kadence Pro section in the right upper corner where you have to provide a license key (available in the Product Key API section of your Kadence Account) and email (which you have used during purchase) to activate your Kadence Theme Pro.

Kadence Theme License ActivationPin

Once your license becomes active you need to enable pro features and functionality on the same page.

Now you are ready to create a professional-looking website for your business. So, either you install a starter template plugin to use pre-designed beautiful templates or start creating one from scratch.

So, why are waiting? Go and build the website that you ever imagined.

What is the Kadence Theme?

Kadence Theme is a modern WordPress Theme developed by Kadence WP company that is very lightweight, fast-loading, and offers tons of features and functionality so that you can create a professional class website without writing a single line of code.

Is Kadence Theme Free?

Yes, Kadence Theme offers a free theme that you can download from the WordPress theme repository but make sure it has only basic features with a lot of restrictions. But if you compare other themes then Kadence Free would be much better.

What is the Difference Between Kadence Free vs Pro?

Although Kadence Free comes with a lot of features that you ever require to create a WordPress website, Kadence Pro adds many other additional features and functionalities that can take your design possibilities to the next level. So if you want to create a rich feature, more professional-class website then you must go with Kadence Theme Pro.

How Much Does Kadence Pro Cost?

Kadence Pro has quite a competitive pricing structure and you get the Kadence Theme Pro at the cost of $59/Year which includes all the premium features, one-year product updates, and top-notch support with 30 30-day refund policy. There are Bundle Plan also available that allows you to use other Kadence Products along with Kadence Pro.

Is Kadence Theme Good for Beginners?

Yes, no matter whether you are a beginner, professional, developer, or agency owner Kadence Theme is for everyone. Because Kadence Theme offers an easy-to-use interface that enables beginners to create a beautiful website effortlessly. Kadence Theme also allows you to use it on unlimited websites.

Is Kadence Theme Compatible with Other WordPress Plugins?

Yes, Kadence Theme is fully compatible with almost every WordPress plugin like page builder plugins, LMS plugins, security plugins, ESO plugins, etc. so that you never face any complications during creating your dream project.

Does Kadence Theme Offer Starter Templates?

Why not, Kadence Theme offers hundreds of professionally designed templates (free & pro) so that you can launch your website as quickly as possible without wasting much time on site customization.

Does Kadence Theme Offer a Free Trial?

No, Kadence Theme doesn’t offer a free trial however they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with their product and service you can ask for a full refund.

Final Thoughts on Kadence Theme Review

Wow, it was a quite comprehensive Kadence Theme Review which has cleared all your confusion about this amazing WordPress theme.

I have tried to explain everything that you must know about Kadence Theme before you start using it on your website or business.

Overall, I must say that Kadence Theme is fast-loading, lightweight, and offers tons of customization features and functionality so that you can create almost any kind of website effortlessly.

So, if you are looking for a powerful robust, and fastest theme then I would highly recommend you to Try Kadence Theme and believe you won’t regret using this awesome product.

if you find this Kadence Review worth reading kindly share it further so that others can also get benefited.

Apart from that if you have any questions or feedback let me know in the comment below and I would be happy to help you.

Sharing is Caring that Keeps me Motivated.

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