iThemes Security Review 2023 | What Makes it a Powerful WordPress Security Plugin

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If are you looking for a complete and robust WordPress security solution then you are at the right place? I am going to cover all those points in this iThemes Security Review that you must know about.

Do you know? According to W3Techs, WordPress is used by 43% of all the websites (including known CMS + custom-built websites) which are live on the internet.

But when we compile data of known CMS only then WordPress is far ahead of any other content management system with a 65% market share.

This is tremendous data that indicates WordPress’s popularity and usability. But did you know why WordPress is the most popular and #1 choice of every digital marketer?

Because it is quite a secure and open-source content management system that lets you build almost every kind of website which you ever imagined.

Apart from this, it also supports thousands of third-party themes and plugins that enhance WordPress’s potential so that you can make your WordPress website even better.

But remember one thing, sometimes using these third-party plugins and themes can make your site vulnerable, and as result, your website becomes an easy target for hackers.

Do you know? According to some surveys, 30,000 websites are hacked every day and if we talk about WordPress websites, it is mostly due to vulnerable plugins (about 97%).

WordPress Site Vulnerability ReasonsPin
Sign of Site HackedPin

Why Do You Need WordPress Security?

Although, WordPress itself comes with robust security features that protect your website amazingly. But why do you take any chance, be extra cautious and not give any chance to hackers to perform any malicious activity?

In such cases, you have two options to protect your website from getting hacked,

Either you check the vulnerability level of each plugin, theme, and other factors continuously that lead to your site being hacked OR else,

You can use a specialized tool that helps you automate your WordPress security checks efficiently and provide an extra layer of protection to keep your site safe against any unexpected threat.

I know manual checking could be nearly impossible but there are plenty of WordPress tools available in the market that can make your job super easy.

So, here is the game changer WordPress Plugin called “iThemes Security – A Complete Security Solution for Your WordPress Website”.

In this post, I will walk you through all the benefits of using the iThemes Security Plugin as well as how it can help you protect your site from any potential hacker with bad intentions.

So, without any further delay let’s get started,

What is iThemes Security?

iThemes Security ProPinPin

Whenever we talk about WordPress security plugins then iThemes Security is one step ahead among all the competitors available in the market. 

Why because it always provides comprehensive & innovative features and functionality that make your job super easy while keeping your site protected. 

iThemes Security comes with a simple interface and easy-to-use dashboard so that any non-technical person can also install and configure it for the best security settings.

iThemes Security Plugin comes in two variants, FREE and Premium versions. If you see iThemes Security Free then it includes all the essential features like 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), Ban Users, Brute Force Attack Prevention, File Change Monitor, Auto Malware Scanning, Database Backup, etc.

Whereas the iThemes Security Pro version adds numerous advanced security features and functionality that enhance your WordPress security as well as take it to a high level quickly.

iThemes Security plugin is a complete toolset of WordPress security that offers a bunch of premium security features and functionality that will overwhelm you. Here, I will cover all the features and functionality offered by iThemes Security. So, continue reading this post.

So, if you are serious about your business and looking for a comprehensive WordPress security solution then iThemes Security would be the #1 choice for you.

Background of iThemes Security Plugin

The iThemes Security plugin is the product of iThemes Media LLC which comes under the StellarWP brand. Whereas StellarWP is also a Brand of the Liquid Web family. 

Do you know? Liquid Web has recently completed its glorious 25 years in the industry, which is not an easy achievement. They are known for excellent service with 100% customer satisfaction.

Liquid Web and its family brand offer many incredible products like web hosting, WordPress themes & plugins, and other managed services with a top-notch customer support system.

By seeing this, you can say that Liquid Web has enough experience in providing different types of services that they have gained over the decades and iThemes Security is one of them.

So, if you are a blogger, digital marketer, small business owner, or any professional looking for the best, most reliable, and most trusted WordPress security solution then undoubtedly,  iThemes Security can be your favorite security plugin.

iThemes Security Sister Plugin

Apart from providing WordPress security plugin iThemes also offer two other products that extend the possibility of securing your WordPress website with ease and instantly.

Here are they,

iThemes Security Sister PluginPin

I: BackupBuddy

When a hosting server crashes or your website gets hacked, you will lose your business completely. 

Even though your host backup would not be enough if your server crashes due to site hacks, malware attacks, running bad commands, etc. It will wipe up all your data from the hosting server.

In such a case, you must have a current backup of your website to save your business. So here is BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin has an important role.

BackupBuddy comes with a user-friendly interface, and easy-to-use settings with some basic malware scan features that allow you to take a complete backup (manual or automatic) of your site, and store backups off-site (remote server or local drive).

It also helps you to restore/ migrate your entire website without any infected files in a few clicks. BuckupBuddy has some other bunch of features and functionality which could be helpful in protecting your site.

II: iThemes Sync

If you are a blogger or an agency that manages multiple websites then it may be possible that you may miss out on some important tasks that can lead to your site getting hacked.

It is also time-consuming when you login to each WordPress dashboard and perform admin and site-related activity. 

So, to overcome this problem, you can use the iThemes Sync Plugin which will save you a lot of time. It also helps you to monitor and manage all your website from a single dashboard efficiently. 

iThemes Sync Plugin has these capabilities

  • WordPress Core Update
  • Theme & Plugin Update
  • Single Click Login
  • Manage Backup
  • Password Manage
  • Client Role Manager
  • Manage WordPress Settings 
  • And Much More

So, using iThemes Sync you can manage all your website and perform security checks (with iThemes Security Integration) too from a single dashboard without wasting much time.

Without any further delay, now quickly get into the topic, and let’s see what features and functionality iThemes Security plugin offers to protect your website.

Let’s get started,

iThemes Security Features and Functionality

iThemes Security Pro FeaturesPin

Whenever you are going to use a security plugin, you must check the following features for better usability of WordPress Security checks.

  • Provide a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • Must have malware scanning and cleaning
  • Should provide network firewall
  • Offer brute force login prevention
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Vulnerability detection and report
  • And much more

But don’t worry, iThemes Security covers all

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, iThemes Security is for everyone. It offers a wide range of WordPress security features that you can use to protect your website in various ways.

To make you more aware of iThemes Security, I am going to explain some essential and amazing features and functionality so you can make the right decision.

Some of these features are included in the Free version but for the advanced features, you must upgrade to the iThemes Security Pro Version which makes your site more secure.

Let’s have a look at those features and functionality which make it more popular, flexible, and far better than other WordPress Security plugins available in the market.

1: Dynamic & Customizable Security Dashboard

iThemes Security DashboardPin

iThemes Security generates a variety of security log files that can help you to figure out website health and other activity happening on your website.

These security files have a story of your site activity that contains many securities information such as Has your site been attacked, has your site been infected with malware, were the attacks stopped? And much more.

Can you imagine what would happen if all this information was available on a single page? It could be quite confusing and difficult to find a critical one. Isn’t it? YES

But thanks to iThemes Security’s dynamic and customizable dashboard that offers all the security stats in the card format in one place so that you can monitor your website security log efficiently.

Apart from that, you can also customize this card according to your need and preference of security stats that you want to see first.

Each security card contains a detailed security activity log that you can use to quickly find more critical, actionable, and digestible information. 

What I mean is that the security cards break down the information from the security check log and make it more easily understandable for you so that you can take appropriate action on time.

2: Regular Security Scanning

As you are using multiple themes, plugins, and third-party services to enhance and scale your business performance. 

In that case, it could be more difficult and time-consuming to perform manual security checks for each one by one to find vulnerable products or services. 

But it is not going to happen anymore,

iThemes Security plugin has the solution for you, by using the site scan scheduling feature you can automate your WordPress security checks twice a day.

When this setting is enabled, iThemes Security will scan your entire website automatically and check several key areas that can make your site an easy target for hackers.

It checks for vulnerable themes, plugins, WordPress core, site errors, blacklist status, and known malware. iThemes Security will update the vulnerable version automatically and also keep you informed if your attention is required. 

iThemes Security is partnered with WPScan which has a comprehensive database of 30,000 vulnerabilities (which are consistently updated with new vulnerabilities). 

That means you can be first to know about potential vulnerable problems before hackers and take appropriate action to fix them to keep your site more secure.

3: Multiple Secure Login Facility

Do you know? Unauthorized access to your website could be dangerous for your website if you don’t have strong login credentials. 

However, it may be possible that hackers may crack your login username and password to hack your website. 

In such a case, you must enable an extra security function on top of the login credential to secure your admin dashboard. 

Don’t worry, 

iThemes Security Plugin offers multiple secure login methods that you can use to keep your site secure and avoid unauthorized access via brute force attack instantly.

Here are they,

A: Two Fact Authentication (2FA)

2FA MethodsPin

It is also called 2 Step Verification which means you require two separate methods to login into your WordPress account. If you’re still using only a password to login into your account then you are making a big mistake.

You must enable it ASAP to avoid automated attacks, targeted attacks, and phishing attacks that may happen on your site. Google also recommend it as 2FA is 100% effective against such type of attacks.

By using iThemes Security, you can leverage the power of two-factor authentication features to add an extra layer of security and strengthen WordPress login. 

After activating this functionality, your WordPress login required mobile app authorization, sensitive emailed code, or backup code on the top of the password to login to your WordPress account. 

B: Magic Link Login

It is one of the incredible features that iThemes Security offers to protect your website from unauthorized login or brute force attacks.

Suppose your WordPress username is “Admin12345” and unfortunately it was used in Brute Force Attack? In such case, this username would be locked by iThemes Security Local Brute Force Protection feature. 

As a result, you won’t be able to access your WordPress dashboard until you deactivate the iThemes Security Plugin via the hosting control panel or you can also wait for the lockout time to be over. 

That is why Magic Link came to rescue you. It is the advanced feature of iThemes Security that enables you to access your WordPress account even if your Username is locked by Local Brute Force Protection Functionality.

Using this amazing feature, you can request a magic link via email (associated with the user) to bypass lockout time. You can use this authorized unique link for successful login to your WordPress site while brute force attackers will remain lockout. 

Note: Although you have the magic link still you need your username and password to login into your WordPress Dashboard. Apart from that if you have enabled 2FA you will need to authorize your login again with the method that you have selected for two-factor authentication.

C: Passwordless Login

iThemes Passwordless LoginPin

It is another way to access your WordPress website securely without using a password or two-factor authentication code. 

Once this feature is enabled in the iThemes Security setting, you and the site user would be asked for an email magic link on the WordPress login page. 

When you click on the “Email Magic Link” button you will receive a unique login link over the associated email. 

You just need to click on the “Login Now” button in the email and you can securely access your WordPress site without providing a password or 2FA code.

That means now you don’t need a complicated password and use an extra two-factor authentication method to login into your WordPress.

D: Biometric Login with Passkey

iThemes Security Biometric Login with PasskeyPin

This is an amazing and innovative way to securely login to your WordPress site that has been recently added by iThemes Security in the Pro Version which provides you with a passwordless login experience. 

In other words, you can say that biometric login with a passkey is a more convenient, secure, and easiest way to login into your WordPress admin area. It is one of the best features that keeps iThemes Security one step ahead in the competition.

When you use this feature, it is almost impossible to crack your login details as you are using biometric authentication methods like fingerprint, face recognition (iPhone FaceID) on your MacBook, Windows Hello and many others to login into your WordPress admin area.

Unlike passwords, it is the unique part of your body and not going to store on a server that can’t be compromised at all by hackers.

iThemes Security Biometric Login with passkey is amazingly secure your WordPress login that supports all major browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

After all, biometric login with passkey is the most advanced and secure login technology available in the market that you must enable to protect your business and sleep worry-free.

Note: iThemes Security is the first Security Plugin available in the market that offers Biometric Login ( with Passkey to access your WordPress site without disclosing your username and password.

4: Brute Force & Automated Attack Protection

You can’t stop hackers from attacking your site but you can surely prevent those attacks from being successful and keep your site protected against any possible threat. 

The Brute force attack method is one of those attacks where hackers perform unauthorized login attempts with unlimited passwords to get access to your site admin area.

In other words, you can say that brute force attack is a major threat that is often used by hackers/ bots to crack your WordPress login credential. 

The software used in brute force attacks is so powerful that it can go up to 1000 different password variations per minute until it gets the right one.

If you are using a weak and compromised password then there will be a higher chance of cracking your password for hackers. 

But don’t worry,

iThemes Security offers advanced brute force attack protection as well as ban user functionality to keep your site away from any suspicious login attempt like brute force attack, DDoS attack, or malicious bot attack

As soon as iThemes Security detects multiple failed login attempts, it blocks that IP address, and the user immediately as well as adds it to the iThemes brute force banned list network (community of over 1 million Websites).

That means this IP address and the user will be banned for every website which has joined the iThemes Security Community.  

That is how millions of websites get secured instantly from unauthorized access and stay protected from any potential hackers and their malicious activity.

iThemes Security Brute Force Attack CommunityPin

5: Built-in reCAPTCHA for Bot Traffic Protection

As I have discussed earlier, brute force attacks in which hackers try to unauthorized access your website through software or malicious bots attack. 

but there are several other ways that bad bots try to get access to your websites such as spam comments, spam registration, and brute force login attempts. Apart from that bad bots can scrap your entire content too that can be misused.

So, by using iThemes Security’s built-in reCAPTCHA feature you can add an extra layer of WordPress security. It uses risk analysis techniques to keep humans and bots apart.

If you have enabled reCAPTCHA on your site then the user will be asked to solve some security questions, complete tasks, or provide given codes (difficult to read) before you submit the registration form, post a comment, or login to your account. 

As a human, these tasks can be performed easily whereas bad bots can’t. That is how you can protect your website from spammy bots that actually want to get unauthorized access to your website.

6: Privilege of Temporary Access

As a website or business owner, you may need to provide admin access to your developer or any outside person for website-related help.

To do so you need to create user accounts every time with the essential role so that they can perform the required job from time to time. 

Whenever you add a new user to your website, it could make your site vulnerable and it becomes easy for hackers to exploit.

In such a case giving temporary admin access to your website would be a more secure and preventive method in order to protect your business from any unexpected malicious attack.

That’s why the iThemes Security Temporary Privilege Escalation feature plays an important role here. It allows you to provide temporary access to developers or technical support for necessary assistance in the easiest and most secure way. 

When you create a new universal support user, you have complete control over that user’s access such as how long he can access your website? What will be his role on your site?

That means you don’t have to create a new user account every time you require help, just keep on updating the new email of the user and set the time and role for the active user.

The best part of using the temporary privilege escalation feature is that new support users will have to use a two-factor email method to login into your site that complies with your site’s security policy. 

Apart from that, you don’t have to change any password or remove the user, this privilege will automatically stop after the given time period (by default it would be 24 hrs but you can change it as per your requirement).

7: Trusted Device and Safe Browsing

It is quite an amazing feature that iThemes Security offers to protect your website from unauthorized access to your website.

By enabling this feature, you can protect your site against brute force attack and frequent malicious bot attack which is intended to damage your site.

The trusted device access feature is quite helpful when you have multiple users on your website from different locations. This feature adds an extra security layer to your site to avoid unrecognized device login. 

iThemes Security identifies the user’s device type that is often being used for login to the site admin area and ensures that only authorized device users can get access to your website.

When the plugin detects login from an unauthorized device, it blocks the user capability automatically in order to protect your site from any malicious activity done by hackers. Along with that iThemes Security also sends you an email with options to block unknown devices.

I mean to say that even if a hacker anyhow gets access to your website but he can’t perform any malicious activity in your WordPress admin dashboard as his user role has been disabled due to login by using an unknown device.

Apart from that iThemes Security provides Google Safe Browsing Integration so that your website never gets listed in Google’s blocklist websites. 

If your website is flagged in Google’s blocklist due to malware, iThemes Security will notify you via email of the potential threat infection so that you can take preventive action against it.

8: File Change Detection

No matter how you have secured your website, it may still be possible that your site becomes compromised. That means hackers can breach your security and perform malicious activity on your site. 

There could be two things that can happen in case your website gets hacked? 1. You will lose access/control over your website 2. Either your database files will be replaced, or modified with malicious code/scripts or new infected files will be added to your database.

Website security breaches can happen in many ways such as hackers may be able to exploit the most common WordPress security issues. It also happens when you use outdated WordPress themes, plugins, etc. 

You must be aware of these facts, that if a security breach happens on your site, it can take an average of 200 days to detect. So, it is obvious that the more time you take to discover a security breach the more damage you will have to your site.

But it will not happen anymore,

Because iThemes Security offers a quick file change detection feature so that you can quickly find the security breach issue and take preventive security measures to avoid major harm to your business. 

iThemes Security scans your entire website’s files and makes an index of all the files. When it runs the next scan, it will compare previously indexed files with newly scanned files to find any change that occurs in your database. 

iThemes Security also sends you an alert notification about file changes via email so that you can investigate the issue and fix it before a security breach. 

You can also configure this email notification feature in such a way that you don’t receive notifications frequently about known file changes such as theme updates, plugin updates, or WordPress core updates. 

9: Security Log and Version Management

Do you know which activity is happening on your site? Then your answer would probably be “NO” because you are aware of only those activities which are done by you. 

But let me make one thing clear there are a lot of activities that keep happening simultaneously in the backend of your website. When you try to track those activities manually, it becomes a challenging and time-consuming job. 

But thanks to iThemes Security which scans your entire website a makes a log of all the activities that are occurring in the backend of your website as well as displays these logs in a customizable card format in one place.  

This site activity log contains a variety of data such as site login, file change, user creation, user activity, theme/ plugin installation & removal, changes made in the post or page along with brute force attacks, and much more. 

This feature is very helpful against unauthorized access to your website, damage caused by using outdated products, malicious bot attacks, etc.

iThemes Security monitors all activity on your site and is able to detect unexpected activity that may lead to a breach of your site security. Along with this, if it detects any unusual activity, it also notifies you immediately through email.

Plus, iThemes Security offers auto-update and version management features that keep your site up to date with the latest security patches so you don’t leave any vulnerable entry points for hackers. 

It helps you keep your site more secure against any possible threat that could cause major damage to your profitable business.

10: User Security Checks and Password Requirements

iThemes User Security ChecksPin

These features are beneficial when you have multiple admins and users on your site. It adds an additional layer of security to keep hackers away from your site. 

Although you are following every security measure to keep your site protected against any possible threat but what about other users and admin of your site?

If any of them are not following security measures and using weak/ compromised passwords, it could make your site vulnerable for hackers to get entry.

That is why user security checks and password requirements feature have a great role here. You can audit user security from time to time to ensure that every user and admin is following the best security compliance and strong password policy all the time.

By using the user security checks feature you can monitor several things of all the users and admins of your website.

Here are they,

  • 2FA is enabled or not
  • What is password strength
  • Age of password
  • Last time login and session
  • Role of users

If you find any weak security practices or unknown sessions by users, you can either logout from everywhere or force them to follow strong security measures to avoid any unexpected security breach.

From here you can also manage the role of your user and admin of your site. Apart from that using the password requirement feature you can force users to use strong passwords, password expiration times, deny compromised passwords, etc. so that everyone has the same level of security.

That is how you can make your site more secure all the time.

11: Integration with iThemes Sync

Are you the owner of multiple WordPress websites? So, you would be aware of the amount of time spent managing all those websites.

Because whenever you have to work on a website, you have to login to the admin dashboard of each website every time. It is obvious that a lot of your time is wasted in this process.

But what if you get access to all the websites from one place so that you can reduce your burden and save a lot of time too.

Therefore, iThemes Security provides you easy integration with its sister plugin called “iThemes Sync” so that you can login to all your websites from one place and do the necessary work.

This integration allows you to perform the following admin tasks,

  • WordPress Core, Themes & Plugin Update
  • Uptime Monitoring of WordPress
  • SEO Checker + GA and GSC Report
  • One Click Backup with BackupBuddy
  • Client’s WordPress Dashboard Customization
  • WordPress Security Checks
  • And Much More

Apart from that, using iThemes BuckupBuddy Plugin you can take a backup (online and offline) of your entire website and restore it as and when required.

Best Reason to Purchase  iTheme Security Pro

Although, I have explained almost every feature and functionality that iThemes Security provides to make your site super secure from any unexpected threat. 

But if you are still in confusion about whether you should buy iThemes Security or not then here are some amazing benefits that surely attract you. 

So, let’s have a quick highlight of those awesome points,

  • Brand Trust: iThemes products come under StellarWP which is a brand of the Liquid Web family, which is a well-known reputed hosting company active since 1997. That means if you are going with iThemes Security then you are getting a reliable product for your business.
  • Ease of Use: iThemes Security offers a quick setup and an easy interface so you don’t spend much time configuring security settings. Apart from that, it provides a dynamic and customizable dashboard that helps you to monitor all the security events in one place. It also allows you to identify the critical issue that makes your site vulnerable so that you can take necessary action to avoid any malicious attack.
  • Complete WordPress Security Solution: By using iThemes Security, you are going take your business security to the next level. It offers comprehensive security features and functionality (explained above) that provides 360-degree protection against any unexpected threat.
  • Actionable Security Report: iThemes Security scans all your websites and provides actionable and detailed activity data in a digestible format. This report, lets you determine how iThemes Security protects your site and what security weaknesses need to be fixed to protect your business. 
  • Regular Security Updates: The Internet is unpredictable and many things (security threats) keep changing every second. That is why iThemes Security offers regular security patches and updates based on new threats to keep your business security one step ahead of hackers’ reach.
  • Compatibility: As it is WordPress Security Plugin, it works smoothly with almost all the WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting with existing website setup so that you can have the best security compliance on your website or business to keep hackers away. 
  • Excellent Support System: iThemes Security offers quality support via email by their expert till your problem gets solved. Apart from that, they have an extensive knowledge base and documentation that you can use for common issues and plugin setups. 
  • Competitive Pricing Structure: Ithemes Security offers affordable pricing compared to other security plugins available in the market. They currently have 3 plans and, all come with the same features & functionality except a site license that you can choose according to your budget and needs.
  • Intelligent Setting Import & Export: As we all know configuring new products and services requires a lot of time. So, to speed up your iThemes Security configuration now you have the export & import settings feature. Now you can directly export and import all your iThemes Security Settings in a single click. Apart from that,, you are also allowed to control which settings will be exported or imported.
iThemes Security Setting ExportPin
  • 30 Days Refund Policy: All plans of the iThemes Security plugin come with industry-standard 30 days money-back guarantee. That means if you are unsatisfied with their products and services you can ask for a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Overall, iThemes Security offers a range of advanced features and functionality to keep your site safe from any unexpected security threats such as malware, automated attacks, etc.

iThemes Security is a step ahead of any of its competitors when it comes to one-stop robust security solutions with reliability. But at what cost can you take full advantage of all those iThemes Security Premium features?

So let’s see what is the iThemes Security pricing and plan structure,

iThemes Security Pro Pricing Structure

When it comes to buying a product or service, pricing is one of the main deciding factors whether you will buy that product or not. That is why iThemes Security offers a very competitive and affordable pricing structure that is suitable for all kinds of business owners.

Currently, they have 3 three types of plans with different price tags that you can purchase according to your needs and budget.

All the iThemes Security plans have the same features and functionality. The only difference is the number of site licenses you get. 

Here are the iThemes Security plans and pricing structure,

iThemes Secuirty Pro PricingPinPin
  • Basic plan: This is the starting plan that costs $99/Year and includes all premium features and functionality along with private support and security updates. If you are a blogger then you can go with their basic plan which allows you to avail all the incredible features and functionality for a whole year on a single website.
  • Plus Plan: The second plan is quite suitable for web developers or multiple websites owner. This plan costs $199/Year including all the advanced features, support, and security updates. In this plan, you can avail of all the iThemes Security features for an entire 5 websites.
  • Agency Plan: It is the last and highest plan offered by iThemes Security that costs $299/Year which includes all the same benefits that other plans have. This plan is best for agency owners who manage multiple websites for their clients. In this plan, you can install iThemes Security on up to 10 websites.

All the iThemes Security Pro plans come with the same advanced features and functionality that I discussed earlier. However, you can read the next point where I have compared the iThemes Security Pro vs Free which will clear your doubt about whether you should use a free version or buy iThemes Security Pro.

iThemes Security Free vs Pro (Comparison)

As you have seen, iThemes Security offers a bunch of security features and functionality that make your site almost unbreakable to hackers. 

It provides various methods to keep your business protected against any possible threat such as unauthorized login attempts, malicious bot attacks, malware attacks, cyber-attack, etc. 

Some of the features are available in the free version and many of them are premium features that come with the iThemes Security Pro version. 

If you are satisfied with iThemes Security’s basic features then you can go with its free version. But if you’re serious about your business and looking for a complete security solution then I would suggest you purchase iThemes Security Pro license. 

Here are the differences between iThemes Security Pro and the Free version so that you can make the right decision while using this fantastic security plugin.

FeaturesiThemes Security FreeiThemes Security Pro
Ban Users & Bad Bots
Block Specific IP and User
Database Backups
File Change Detection
Spam Comment Protection
Brute Force Attack Protection
Insightful Security Log
Notifications via Email 
Customizable Lockout Messages
Strong Password Enforcement
File Permission Check
iThemes Sync Integration
Auto Site Scanner
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Settings Import & Export
WordPress Core File Comparison
User Activity Log
Privilege of Temporary Access
WP-CLI Integration
Password Expiration
User Security Check
Real-time Security Dashboard
Magic Links
Passwordless Login
Biometric Login with Passkey
Deny Compromised Passwords
Version Management
Security Grade Report
In-Built reCAPTCHA
User Groups
Trusted Devices
Private, Ticketed Support❌ 
Try FreeGet Pro

By looking at this comparison of iThemes Security Pro and Free, you can easily figure out that the Free version has limited features while iThemes Security Pro has lots of advanced features which can automate robust WordPress security amazingly as well as save you a lot of time.

Undoubtedly, iThemes Security Pro can be the right choice to secure your profitable business in multiple ways and make your security policy more robust.

Now, it’s time to get iThemes Security Pro and install it on your site and protect your business quickly. So, why are you waiting? just follow the next step and get started with iThemes Security,

Getting Started with iThemes Security Pro

To avail of all the excellent features and functionality of iThemes Security Pro, you need to first buy one of their plans. After that, you can download the zip file and install it, and activate it on your WordPress site.

The process is quite simple, you just need to follow the steps given below. So, let’s see how,

Step 1. First, you need to click on this Exclusive Link that will take on the iThemes Security Pro official website. 

Step 2. Here you have to click on the “Buy iThemes Security Pro” button that will take you to the pricing section. 

iThemes Security ProPinPin

Step 3. Here you will see three types of plans with different price tags that you can select as per your requirement. After selecting plan types, you need to click on the “Buy Now” button that will take you to another page. 

iThemes Secuirty Pro PricingPinPin

Step 4. On this page, you need to review your order and then click on the “Checkout” button which will redirect you to the account creation page.

Note: If there are any discounts available on iThemes Security, they will be applied automatically, OR if you have any coupon code then you can use it here to save your money.

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Step 5. Here you need to provide some information such as name, email, username, and password to create an iThemes account for purchasing iThemes Security Pro. After that, you need to cross-check your entire details and then click on the “Create an iThemes Account” button. 

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Step 6. In this step, you have to provide payment information and follow the instructions to make the payment for placing an order for an iThemes Security Pro License.

Step 7. After successful payment, you will receive an email regarding your recent purchase. Now you can login to your iThemes account and download the plugin zip file.

Step 8. After downloading the plugin zip file, you need to upload, install and activate it on your WordPress website.

Once the iThemes Security Plugin gets activated on your site, click on the “Security” tab and start configuring the iThemes Security Pro Settings as you need.

Here is the detailed video that will help you to configure plugin settings quickly and efficiently.

It is a human tendency that they always look for some alternative. So, there are many iThemes Security alternatives available in the market that you can choose from.

But make sure the product which you’re going to buy should be better in all respect. It should not happen that you just consider one or two reasons and purchase that product.

So, here I am comparing iThemes Security with another security plugin (Wordfence) so that you can make the right purchase.

Let’s Start,

iThemes Security vs Wordfence Security

If you search for WordPress Security plugins then you will find a lot of solutions but very few of them (iThemes Security, Wordfence, Securi, MalCare, etc.) stand in the competition. 

If you look for close competition then iThemes Security and Wordfence come together and are also favorite ones for every digital marketer. 

But before you make any decision you must see the iThemes Security and Wordfence comparison. 

Here are they,

FeatureiThemes SecurityWordfence Security
Free Version
Pro Version
Login Security
Brute Force Protection
File Change Detection
Plugin Theme Vulnerability Detection
Site Scanner
Hide WP Login/URL
Disable WordPress File Editing
Passwordless Login
Biometric Login
Password Expiration
Trusted Device
Refuse Compromised Password
Magic Link Login
Version Management
Grade Report
Malware Scan 
Away Mode
File Permission Check
Force SSL

This comparison of iThemes Security and Wordfence shows that iThemes Security is a clear winner in terms of features and functionality as well as in pricing too.

iThemes Security offers comprehensive security features that strengthen your WordPress site security all around whereas Wordfence is more behind as it doesn’t have many advanced features which iThemes Security provides.

So, in my opinion, iThemes Security could be the more reliable, feature in-rich, and affordable security solution for you compared to Wordfence.

FAQs Related to iThemes Security Pro

What is iThemes Security?

It is the well-known popular WordPress Security Plugin offered by iThemes Media LLC. which is a StellarWP product. iThemes Security offers a wide range of security features and functionality to keep your site protected against any unexpected threat.

Is iTheme Security a Good Plugin?

In my opinion, iThemes Security is one of the best and features in-rich WordPress security plugins that provide all-around security efficiently. If you are looking for a robust WordPress Security solution then iThemes Security could be the perfect choice for you.

Is iThemes Security Have Free Version?

Yes, iThemes Security offers its Free version that has very limited features and functionality. But if you want to strengthen your site’s security stronger then you must go for its Pro version.

Why Should You Purchase iThemes Security Pro?

There are a lot of reasons that force you to buy iThemes Security Pro. Here are some amazing benefits which you will get such as secure login, brute force attack protection, site scan for malware, file change detection, user role manager, and much more.

Does iThemes Security Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, iThemes Security offers industry standard 30 days money-back guarantee on each plan. That means if you are not satisfied with their product and service you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

Final Thought on iThemes Security Review

That is all in the iThemes Security Plugin Review and I have covered almost everything that you must know about this amazing product.

Remember No WordPress Security Plugins can prevent 100% attacks however having a trusted and feature-in-rich security solution could reduce the chance of your site getting hacked.

That is why I would recommend you to try iThemes Security Pro which provides multiple security features and functionality so that you can make your website more secure against any possible threat.

No matter which business you are in if you are looking for strong security solutions to keep your business away from automated attacks, malicious attacks, and cyber-attacks that iThemes Security could win your heart. 

Overall, it is a great security plugin that offers secure login protection, passwordless and biometric login, auto update & version management, and insightful activity log so that you can identify security weaknesses and take appropriate action to fix them.

By using iThemes Security Plugin you can add an extra security layer to your site/ business to be one step ahead of potential hackers. 

If you find this iThemes Security Plugin Review helpful then kindly share it with your community so that they can also get benefited. 

iThemes Security Pro Review 2023

iThemes Security offers the fastest, easiest, and most innovative way to protect your business from several security threats such as brute force attacks, malicious bots’ attacks, cyber-attacks, and much more.


iThemes Security ProPin
Ease of Use


iThemes Security is one of the best and industry-leading WordPress Security plugins that provides numerous ways to secure your website efficiently from any unexpected threat. If you’re serious about your business and looking for a robust security solution then you must try iThemes Security Pro and keep yourself one step ahead of hackers.

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