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Interview with Tanmay Kapse,

Hello friends!

Till now I have taken 3 interviews of pro bloggers who are making a massive income through their blog.

It is my 4th Interview article of Most Humble and I am willing to do something different every day. This interview with Tanmay Kapse is going to be very beneficial for new Blogger who say that they unable to manage their time.

Creating a blog is not too hard, you can create it by watching videos and reading a blog. But if you have the right people to suggest the right things then you will save your effort as well as your time. 

So, let’s move ahead and know something about him 

Interview With Tanmay Kapse from

I contacted him on FB about one month ago. I asked them many things about Blogging and he gave me the correct solution which I want.

He is a very humble and Passionate person who always ready to take challenges. Tanmay Kapse is a Commercial Pilot by Profession and Blogger and Technology Discoverer by Hobby. 

In spite of working 5 days a week he manages their Blogging time very well.  Let’s move ahead and see the Question and answer related to blogging which I asked them on behalf you.

1. Let’s introduce Yourself quickly?

A warm welcome to everyone reading this blog.  My name is Tanmay Kapse, a resident of Mumbai, Maharashtra. I am a commercial pilot by profession and a passionate blogger. I blog at I also take a deep interest in graphic and web design.

2. When and why do you choose blogging?

My love for computers had begun in my childhood itself. I would often be playing games or surfing the internet. In 2013, I stumbled upon and I started my blogging journey.

Over the course of time, I learned how to write articles and taught myself basic coding and Photoshop.

I then moved to WordPress in 2015 and it changed the way I looked at blogging.

The entire process of starting a blog, sharing information and building a community around it while making money intrigued me and kept me passionate about blogging.

3. As a blogger what is your Daily Schedule?

Since I fly almost five days a week, it gets really hectic to manage all my blogs and my e-commerce websites. Hence what I do is I plan weekly content for my blog and distribute it equally among all promotion platforms such as Instagram – @bloggingwand.

Following a weekly plan helps you plan ahead and you can keep track of all your goals for the week using a tool called Todolist.

4. Which blog do you like most and why?

Backlinko and the Ahref blog are my favorite blogs to read. They have in-depth information on important topics related to digital marketing.

Another blog that I love to read is CopyBlogger. It helps me improve my content writing skills. 

5. What is your main source of Income?

Affiliate marketing is my main source of income. Amazon affiliate program, Jvzoo products and web hosting affiliate programs have been the leading sources of income for me.

Recently I have used Adsense to monetize my website further. I am still experimenting with various strategies for AdSense, but overall, it’s a good side income.

6. What is the secret behind your success?

I still have many more achievements to achieve, however I credit email marketing to being my biggest secret. If you gather the right audience in your email list, even with a list of hundred subscribers, you can earn huge dividends via email marketing.

7. Which premium tools do you use to improve your performance?

To improve my site’s performance, I am using a premium CDN powered by Stackpath.

One more premium plugin that has helped me automatically optimize my images is ShortPixel Adaptive Images.

It compresses and re-sizes the images automatically. It has a free plan that allows you to optimize 100 images every month for FREE.

8. How do you do topic and keyword research for new Blog Posts?

So, for generating new post ideas, I either brainstorm for post ideas or use Semrush to do competitor research to look for easy to rank keywords.

Also, one unique way of looking for keywords is to look for long tail keywords in the category of your affiliate product.

For example, I found Website Vs Blog to be a smart keyword to target to promote web hosting.

9. Best way to succeed in Blogging and Affiliate?

Don’t run behind money from day one. Make sure to use the 80/20 rule i.e to provide value 80% of the time and sell only for the remaining 20%.

For affiliate marketing, start building an email list from day one. Research for long tail keywords associated with the affiliate program you are trying to promote.

And most importantly BE PATIENT.

10. How to increase affiliate sales?

Once again, I highly recommend email marketing to be the easiest way of increasing affiliate sales.

Research for long tail keywords that are related to your affiliate program. Build links for that post and start ranking high on Google.

This is the best combination of increasing organic traffic and retaining that traffic by making them subscribe to your email list.

Building a community is vital for increasing your affiliate sales.

11. What is your goal in blogging at the end of 2020?

My goal is to reach 10,000 email subscribers and grow my organic traffic by at least 70%.

I am also working on my YouTube channel with a lot of content planned for the month of August. By September I will be launching my podcast channel.

It’s a lot of work, but I am ready to put in the hard work.

12. Tips for our readers to increase blog traffic?

For organic traffic, targeting the right long tail keywords is important. Make sure you don’t neglect link building.

As far as increasing the overall blog traffic, don’t be scared to promote your blog post on all social media platforms and forums. But be careful, do not spam, only promote in places where your link is relevant.

13. Any tips and Advice for blogging try readers?

Make sure you are following Archana closely, as she is sharing some amazing stuff via images, videos and blog posts. She also has an email list, make sure you subscribe to her newsletter to receive amazing content directly in your inbox.

14.Any Suggestion for my blog?

Archana, you’re doing a great job with BloggingTry. I read your eBook on how to start a profitable blog and I am amazed by the step-by-step guidance you have provided.

However, I have a suggestion for you. Try improving the look of your blog. Make sure it looks clean. You can look at for inspiration. Also, your typography needs some improvement.

Keep up the good work Archana, be consistent and success shouldn’t be far.

A big thank you for inviting me, it was a pleasure to answer all the interesting questions. Hope I did justice to the questions that were put in front of me.

Happy Blogging

Now Your Turn

Well, Friends!

I have completed my interview with Tanmay Kapase from, You must visit his blog and join their community to learn more.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I am also quite sure that you have learned something new today.

Stay connected to see more Interviews with pro Blogger. Very soon you I am going to invite some very popular and Proactive Blogger who are making 6 figures earning Through their Blog.

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  1. Awesome interview; this interview has teach us lot of things. And the most important thing is that even if you are doing job then also you can do blogging side by side. By proper time management & working in right direction.


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