Interview with Santosh Gairola: Founder [S-3]

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Hello friends!

Interview with Santosh Gairola.

Nowadays, everyone wants to Create a Blog and wants to make some money from it. Starting a blog is easier than taking it to a new height. You can start your blog for free by investing some pennies.

But it looks easy but when you enter into the blogging world then you will realize that it is not as easy as you think. You need to do a lot of things to get success in blogging. 

I want to make you aware that it is hard but not too hard that you can’t achieve it. For that, you need your interest to learn and some perfect guidance to get successful in Blogging.

I have started this Interview series in which I am inviting some popular bloggers who started their journey the same as you and putting their heart and soul they achieve some reputation. They also make huge amounts of money from their blog.

So, without wasting any time Let’s start the interview with Santosh Gairola.

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Interview with Santosh Gairola:

Today I got the opportunity to take the interview of Santosh Gairola founder of He is Digital Marketer and Loves making Art also.

He is also a web developer and creates programming codes for internet users. I have asked him some important questions about blogging and the strategy they employ on his blog to Grow it.

So, let’s get started with questions and learn from him.

1. First of all, introduce yourself Quickly?

Hello Archana, thanks for giving me this opportunity to speak to your valuable audience.  Hi all, my name is Santosh Gairola. I’m a coder, author, and professional blogger from the city of Love, Dehradun.  I run multiple Blogs; Blogging Cosmos is my recent venture.

Apart from creating content for my blog, I love reading books; I have a massive collection of books and ebooks. I love reading all sorts of books. Kindle is the place where I like to hang out the most.

2. When and why do you choose Blogging?

In my professional career, I realized that we have limitless potential. But we are restricted by regular jobs that don’t allow us to expand our wings. During my technical services, I learned that Data is power. The more you have, the more powerful you will be considered in the digital world. 

Taking note of that, I decided to do something related to literature and technology. As a tech-savvy, I have a specialization in Microsoft programming technologies. Therefore, I started coding a new website in early 2012. It was a social networking website. 

It was growing fast organically, but I realized that you need funds to run a startup. I was a novice and had no experience in Marketing and running a business. Consequently, after two years, I decided to skip developing the project further and started learning about marketing stuff.

That is how I came to know about the Blogosphere. Today, I own multiple blogs on various niches. Creating content for my blog is something that is close to my heart; it sets me free from all the strains of the world.  It also makes me happy that I’m living life on my own terms. 

Archana, I believe that blogging is a powerful way to bring people closer, and your blog can work as your voice in front of millions of people. Indeed, it can change the world. 

I would like to add that as content creators, it is our responsibility to bring the right content in front of our audiences to win their hearts. 

3. As a blogger what is your Daily Schedule?

Mostly, I’m busy with my programming projects, but for the rest of the days when I’m free, I love to work on my blogs.

Alright, here is my Blogging Schedule for blogging days. I’m an early riser; I wake up early at 5 a.m. every morning.  I use my morning time for some exercises and reading books up to 9 am.

After that, from 9 to 12 am, I switched off my mobile network to noon. It is my most productive time when I invest my energy in crafting the post.

After lunch, I check my emails and reports. It is the time when I take people’s calls and work on non-productive work like responding to texts and DMs that I get regularly. In the evening, I love spending time with my family. Sometimes, I also love reading books in the evening with some tea and Coffee.

4. Which blog do you like most and why?

I have many friends, and everyone is dear to me. But Here are some names that are close to my heart.  I have deep faith in them.

5. What is your main source of Income?

Archana, I get money from various streams,

  • My Coding services for technical companies,
  • Freelancing
  • Sponsored post
  • Royalties from my digital assets, 
  • Blog Advertising, 
  • Affiliate marketing.

6. What is the secret behind your Success?

There is no such secret behind success. I still consider that I have to do a lot of things. But so far, whatever I have achieved is due to acknowledging my failures in life.

One lesson that I always keep in my mind is that no one is going to save you from your mess. You have to work hard on your plans while ignoring all the negativity of the world. People will keep telling you that it is hard, never done before. You keep working on your plans, glory will be yours.

7. Which premium tools do you use to improve your Blog Performance?

These are the paid tools that I use.

8. How do you do topic and keyword research for new Blog Posts?

In reality, I don’t focus too much on Keywords. My focus is always on creating helpful content for the audience. I plan the content around the objectives that I want to achieve through blogging. 

Most of the time I use Google’s auto-suggestion feature, but when I require to dig deeper into keywords for keyword research, I use Semrush.

9. Best way to succeed in blogging and Affiliate Marketing?

The problem with many bloggers is they try to push the product to the customer without understanding the concerns and pinpointing the problems of the customer. 

If you are a blogger, guys, listen to me. Your audience is not your customer, treat them as your family members, and bring the best-tested product for them. It will create a trust factor in them which is most important for the sale.

The little thing that I would like to add in this context is don’t sell the applications and tools, sell the solution.

The second thing that you can do is start building an Email List from day one.  There are many Email marketing tools available in the market. I use Mailchimp. It is free for up to 2k members. Along with it, you can use the email opting tool. I use Thrive Leads for this.

9. How to increase Affiliate Sales?

Create a buyer mindset, put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, and learn what will prompt your audience to buy the product. Never try to cheat and trick your customer for your gains.

10. What is your goal in blogging at the end of 2020?

For 2020 I want to focus on Voice searching; therefore, I’m not focusing too much on keywords and other kinds of stuff. My primary focus is to write for the Audience and not for the search engine crawlers. 

11. Tips for our readers to increase Blog Traffic?

Avoid wasting time on creating backlinks, it is a temporary solution. Indeed, start working on building a platform by creating a genuine audience for your blog. Focus on networking with fellow bloggers.

12. Any tips and Advice for BloggingTry Readers?

Guys, Archana is providing you with valuable content, keep visiting her blog from time to time, and don’t forget to join her FB group. You can also follow her on Twitter and FB.

13. Any suggestions for my Blog?

Archana, your blog is nice, but you can work on design enhancement. Apart from that, you can come forward to the blogging industry and create a connection with many female bloggers. 

Raksha and Shubha Tiwari are on my list, you must know them. Collaborate with them. Create your Squad and rule the SERP together. I wish you all the best.


That is all for now, we have completed an interview with Santosh Gairola but this series will go long. I am going to invite some more pro bloggers for Interviews like Sumit Sao, Santanu Sir, and more.

Be contacted with BloggingTry blog and learn something new from pro bloggers as well as by this Blog.

I hope you have enjoyed this interview and learned something new from Santosh Gairola. 

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Happy Blogging.

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  1. Hey Archana,
    You are simply rockin with your interview series. Enjoyed this interview as well. Santosh bro is one of the guys who matter to me. He is an excellent writer. A skilled networker and most important, he helps all. All the best . Keep rocking.

  2. Amazing interview. Santosh sir, what you say is short but it is always to the point. It’s always great having your insights.
    Ps : Archana, very nicely curated.

  3. Hi Archana,

    Nice interview with Santosh bro. He is the dearest blogger I ever know.

    He is there to help you anytime.

    Thanks for bringing awesome interview on your website. Learne a lot.

  4. Hi Archana

    This is the first time I am visiting your blog and you have done a good job with this interview post.

    I know Santosh from the last few months and I must say he is one of the most supportive guys on this blogosphere.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing interview!!

    Amit Garg

  5. Hello Archana,

    Thanks for interviewing Santosh. I know him for a year now. He is an amazing guy with extreme kindness and generosity. He always loves to help others without taking anything back. This makes him unique from others. I am sure He is going to rock the blogging World. Awesome Interview.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  6. Archana, your blog looks great! Excellent interview too buddy. Santosh is a kind, generous, knowledgeable blogger. He lives from his heart, a bright light, a genuinely loving human being. He is someone to follow to learn how to blog the right way.

  7. Hey Archana,
    This is my first visit on your blog. Your blog is looking too attractive & your posts are also very helpful. Also, Santosh is a very helpful guy & he has indepth knowledge of blogging. Keep up the good work ?


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