Interview with Ryan Biddulph Who Love Blogging, Travelling, and Writing [S-9]

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Welcome you all to my blog and I am back with a new interview post. Today I am very happy to tell you that our new guest is Ryan Biddulph. I following him for a long time and what I feel about Ryan Biddulph is a man who-

  • Believe in Giving more than Taking
  • Enjoyed his work
  • Build a strong bond among Bloggers
  • always seems to have fun at what he does

If you’re looking for fun while blogging and want to learn some really interesting stuff about blogging then you must follow Ryan Biddulph and his blog.

Table Of Contents
  1. Interview With Ryan Biddulph Funder of
  2. Final Word
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Interview With Ryan Biddulph Funder of

Most people start a blog to earn money and they always focus on how to earn faster. They see other bloggers’ growth but they are unable to understand the effort which has gone to achieve it. And I am sure that it is the main reason for blog failure because they are unable to earn what they have dreamed of.

In such a case Ryan Biddulph might be your inspiration. In spite of running behind the making money dream, he believes in building stable long-term relationships between bloggers communities.

He loves traveling and writing eBooks on blogging which is really helpful for any blogger. He shared tips about how to be creative while enjoying your life.

Let’s move ahead in Interview with Ryan Biddulph and see their opinion on blogging-

1. Although you are very popular in the blogging community, I still request you to please introduce yourself to our audience.

I am the creator and owner of Blogging From Paradise dot com and a 10-year world traveler.

2. Everyone has an inspiration, what is yours and why? Why did you start a blog while you were doing a full-time job?

I actually did not begin blogging until after I got let go from my job. I began blogging to be free to do what I wanted to do, where I wanted to do it and when I wanted to do it. Freedom drove me to blog.

3. You love to travel and write eBooks & Guest posts. How do you manage all activities? Any tips to manage time as a Blogger we should Follow?

I get clear on what feels fun to me and do only those few things. Managing activity is easy if you manage fear in your mind by following a few fun tasks and letting go of everything else.

Manage time by strengthening your mind. All bloggers have access to 24 hours. Strong-minded people choose to spend 24 hours doing a few enjoyable things and let go of everything else. Consider meditating and doing Kriya yoga to develop a strong, clear mind. I do each on waking daily.

Work in short, focused sessions. Get enough sleep to think clearly. Schedule life away from blogging. Each strategy lets you use time effectively.

4. What has been your biggest surprise or Challenge about selling e-books and which made an impact on your life?

The biggest challenge was promoting my eBooks freely. I feared promoting my eBooks too much, held back and sales flagged. But sharing eBooks routinely allowed sales to increase. The content in eBooks is helpful. I needed to nudge through the fear of self-promoting by promoting 1 eBook through all blog posts and guest posts I publish.

5. You’re featured on some of the top websites, can you share some writing & productivity tips for our blog readers to get noticed by other bloggers?

Write 500 words daily offline. Become clear and confident. Clear, confident, skilled writers gain guest post invites.

Comment genuinely on blogs in your niche and promote fellow bloggers in your niche. Make friends. Blogging buddies who like your writing feature you and invite you to guest post on their blogs.

6. In your experience, what’s the secret to building a long and stable relationship with your readers as well as some popular bloggers?


Show love by helping readers and bloggers patiently, persistently, and generously. Readers and bloggers follow loving, generous bloggers for the long haul.

7. What’s the best blogging advice you ever received?

A blog mainly for fun to blogging for the 10,000 to 15,000 or more hours required to become a blogging master, a leader in your niche. Blogging for fun guarantees you never quit because numbers on a screen never scare a passionate, fun-loving blogger.

8. What is your main source of Income? Would you like to share any monetization tips with our readers?

Help people for free. Open multiple streams of income. Do these things generously for thousands of hours to monetize your blog.

9. Almost all bloggers start a blog to make money. In your opinion, what should be the motivation to become a professional blogger and to start making money?

Fun, passion, and generous service are intents held by pro-bloggers. Make money extra, bonus or icing on the cake because it isn’t showing up for a while, anyway;

10. As we know you have tons of eBooks on Amazon. Can you tell me What format your eBooks come in? Where can we buy your eBooks?

You can buy my eBooks on Amazon, even if you do not have a Kindle. Amazon provides you with a cloud reader so you can buy and read eBooks on your phone or laptop.

11. Do you have an affiliate program? What have you done to promote your e-books? Can you share some books list which we must buy?

I have no affiliate program but promote my eBooks through guest posting and blogging.

My list is here. Enjoy ❤️

12. What advice do you have for other bloggers who might be considering writing and selling e-books? Any Tools You Are Using?

Solve simple problems in your niche with solutions, concise solutions through eBooks.

Not a tool guy;

13. Can you share some pro tips with me as well as with our audience to get success in blogging and Increase sales?

Follow your fun. Help people. Open multiple streams of income. Do these things generously for 1000’s hours? Don’t give up. Don’t quit.

Final Word

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned something new about blogging and obviously about Ryan Biddulph also.

I will keep on inviting many other pro bloggers who will share their experiences as well as some proven tips which are very useful for all of us. So be connected and visit regularly for more updates. 

Very soon I am going to publish more Interviews post which is going to be amazing and beneficial for you as well as for me also.

If you have any questions or feedback then you are free to ask in the comment box. If you like this post, please share it now. It will take a few seconds but it motivates me. You must join my Private Facebook Group for Learning more about Blogging.

Happy Blogging 

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