Interview With Nikola Roza, A Passionate Blogger & Affiliate Marketer [S-13]

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Hello Dear Blogger!

A few moths back I started an interview series on a blog that was very awesome in terms of learning new strategies to start a profitable blog to take it to the next level. This interview series was loved a lot by many new bloggers and gets amazing feedback too.

So, continuing this series again, I have come up with a new Interview,

After a long time, I am going to interview a well-known passionate blogger and affiliate marketer Nikola Roza Founder of on my blog. I am quite sure that you will love this interview and of course, you will learn a lot of tips and strategies to grow your blog faster.

So, without any further delay let’s start an interview with Nikola Roza and see his perspective on blogging and affiliate marketing.

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Interview With Nikola Roza | Founder of

1. Hello Nikola, first of all, welcome to my blog, can you tell me a few words about Yourself and when you started your blogging journey? 

Hi Archana, thanks for the invite. I’m honored to be here on your blog. 

My name is Nikola Roza, and I blog at

I first learned about blogging and SEO in 2015 and had my first dismal try back then. 

But I really started seriously blogging on December 4th, 2017. 

And now I’m a full-time blogger. 

2. Any start-up is filled with challenges, what are the problems you have faced at the beginning and how can you get rid of them? 

My challenge was that I was totally broke. And I really mean it. When my mother got sick in 2015, I borrowed money left and right to try and save her life. 

I failed, and it was too late for her. But I also got into big debt after my mother passed. 

I had no work and I had to sustain myself by getting social help from the state. 

That amount was a paltry 7,500 Serbian dinars, or $70. 

So, I lived every month with ~$2 and it lasted for 18 months. 

Then, At the beginning of 2017, I decided to try blogging again. But I didn’t have money for hosting and domain name so I went fruit picking from February till the end of November. 

And then, as mentioned earlier, on the 4th of December I started my current blog. 

It was an arduous process, but I made it. In 2018 I started getting freelance writing work so it got a bit easier for me. I didn’t have to pick fruit anymore. 

3. Most bloggers struggle with scheduling time for bogging work? How do you manage your work and what do you advise to our audience? 

My advice for your audience is to intelligently divide their days and stick to and honor their schedule at all costs. 

Here’s my schedule: 

  • Get up at 6.30AM 
  • Exercise until 7.00 AM 
  • Work for clients until 12AM 
  • Rest, eat, and exercise; 
  • Build links and do other site tasks until 6PM 
  • Run 
  • Produce content until 10PM 
  • Engage socially until 11PM 
  • Relax 
  • 12 pm goes to bed. 

4. Can blogging really change someone’s life, if YES then How? 

Yes, it can. 

Blogging can be a full-time career for a serious and dedicated blogger

If they’re able to persist and push through failures, they will start making serious money at some point and it’ll change their life forever. 

It’s not so much about the money. It’s much more about owning an online business and having the awesome independence it brings. 

5. What would be the best for beginners and what would you recommend between blogging & freelance? 

Blogging and affiliate marketing as a combo is key for passive income that can be scaled indefinitely. 

However, if you’re strapped for cash as I was when I was starting out, then you need to freelance full-time and blog on the side. 

That’s what I did and it was a hellish experience. But it was also necessary and ultimately it helped me become a better and more capable blogger. 

The point is that newbie bloggers who can’t blog full-time shouldn’t despair. Instead, they need to be creative and embrace hard work. 

6. Best SEO strategy for moving up to the 1st pages from the 2nd and 3rd pages in search engines? 

The steps: 

  1. Publish content.  
  2. Internally link to it.  
  3. Let it age for 3 months.  
  4. Update.  
  5. Build links to it until it reaches the second page. 
  6. Update again with extra focus on readability and use experience. 
  7. Monetize

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7. What are the most essential things needed to implement to succeed in blogging as well as in affiliate marketing? 

The most important thing to have is a content plan based on what keywords are crucial for your business. 

So, don’t try and rank for everything, or for hot new keywords; stay focused only on those that can make you money and are aligned with your business goal. 

I made that mistake. I tried like a fool to rank for “Best gold IRA companies”, a super competitive keyword my blog was incapable of even touching. And my blog post still can’t touch the first page of Google.

And I can’t rank for it even now. 

But once I started targeting far more doable keywords, for example, “Windows hosting free trial”, things began to change. 

Here you can see in this image how I rank at position #8 with a 3-day-old article. 

Google Search ResultPin

Lesson learned for me, and you need to learn from my mistakes. 

Note: to counterpoint what I just said, SEO is full of surprises and that’s why I love it so much.

For example, by Augusta Precious Metals review page is targeting the following phrases:

  • Augusta Precious Metals;
  • Augusta Precious Metals review;
  • Augusta Precious Metals analysis;
  • Augusta Precious Metals gold IRA review.

If you visit the SERPS right now you will see 2 things.

First, I rank on the first page for all of them.

Second, it’s a very competitive keyword set with lots of heavy-weight sites competing.

So, as mentioned, SEO is full of (positive) surprises:) and you should never say a definitive no to a keyword until you try to rank for it.

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8. What is the best way to grow the blog and drive organic traffic to the new blog? What are the few best ways to promote any new blog post? 

The best way is to consistently create good content that can rank in Google because it satisfies search intent. 

The best way to promote a new blog post is to first build internal links to your post and then promote it socially. 

I use Buffer to schedule posts in advance and I use Missinglettr to throw in some social randomness in there.  

Finally, you also need to build links to your most important posts. I recommend guest posting. 

They’re all equally important. 

However, they need to be prioritized. 

  1. Create good content; 
  2. Build links to it; 
  3. Start and nurture an email list.

Don’t try to change the order. 

Pro Tip: use OptinMonster to build your email list the fastest (note: if you’re reading close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then learn here how much you can save). 

And if you can’t afford OptinMonster, then use Unbounce landing page builder, which is a significantly cheaper tool (especially if you use my coupon code. Get it here.) 

You can use Unbounce to create awesome landing pages and also to display header bars where your visitors can subscribe in exchange for a freebie. 

10. Can you suggest some of the best SEO tools and why they are crucial? 

Here are my favorites: 

The most authentic way of building links is to have great content that gets linked to naturally. 

But that rarely happens. 

The second-best strategy is guest posting with link exchanges. Get some guest posts under your belt and use them to link to your link partners. Then they will link to you from their guest posts. 

It’s the fastest way to grow because one guest post gives you 1 guest post link, + 10 link exchanges.  

12. Any SEO tips for my readers to grow a new blog quickly? 

2 tips: 

First, go all out on content. This doesn’t mean quantity, but quality. Honestly try to write the best content possible on any keyword you pick. 

This will make the ranking process so much easier and faster. 

Second, build links to your pages. Link building is a must and don’t even try to rank without links. Instead, go hard with link building and focus on your key money pages, those that can make your money the fastest. 

For example, my web hosting free trial page: (

It is only 5 months old, yet it’s on the first page for every query even remotely relevant. 


Because I built a ton of good links to it. 

13. Any Suggestions for my blog to Improve Performance and Drive Organic Traffic? 

Yes, your content is excellent. Continue publishing superb content and interlink your pages heavily (use this WordPress plugin to automate as much as possible. 

My second tip is to focus on backlinks. And I mean DR70+ links. 

A link from a DR70 site is 50 times stronger than a link from my DR50 site, and 1000 times stronger than a link from a DR20 site. 

So, one good DR70 link is like getting 500 from weaker blogs. 

Get a dozen of those and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how your traffic grows. 

I know I was. 

14. Social media also plays an essential role in driving traffic and making sales, what is your social media strategy? 

My strategy is simple. Be social, but automate as much as you can and waste no time on social media

For automation I use Buffer, mainly to promote other bloggers in my niche, including you, Archana.  

And for self-promotion, I use Missinglettr (learn about it here

Missinglettr takes away 99% of the work involved with social media activity and the remaining 1% are the campaigns Missinglettr created and that I just need to approve. 

My advice for anyone is to promote their blogs on social media but to be smart about it. Don’t let it become a time suck. 

Say a Few words for Roundup this post. 

Thanks for inviting me, Archana. I had a blast. And it’s an honor for me for sure. If your readers want to reach me, they can do it over on my blog, and if they need quality writing service, they can ask for a quote here.

Final Thought on Interview with Nikola Roza

So, that is all in your interview with Nikola Roza, and I am quite sure that you have learned a lot of tips and strategies to grow a blog quickly.

If you find this interview helpful then share it with your friends. It will take you a few seconds but it motivates me to interview more pro bloggers in the future.

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging

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  1. Hi Archana!

    I’m very happy to see this interview with Nikola here on your blog. I have known him for a while, he is very talented and good at he does.

    I think others can do good by following what he shares, especially since his own results prove it works (even in competitive markets like the one he works in!)

    – James McAllister

    • Hey James,

      You are right, I connected with Nikola Roza few month back and he is very supportive Blogger in the industry.

      Especially, I loved his SEO and link building strategy to improve my search ranking.


  2. Hey Archana, thank you so much for presenting such an informative interview. I’m following your blog from very long time and I really impressed by seeing your effort you’ve done on this site. Like many other blog articles that I already read on your site, this interview article also has many new tips that I learnt today by reading this. And looking forward to learn the new tips and tricks of SEO from your blog.

  3. Hi Archana,
    This is a great interview. I love hearing other people’s stories. You asked some great questions.

    Nikola always has great SEO tips that are straight forward and consistent. He doesn’t over complicate things, and is open and precise when he explains concepts. I like that.

    Thank you

    • Hey SharlaAnn,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and glad that you like this intervivew. Nikola has really great experience in affiliate marketing and how to make long relationship with blogger. I have learned a lot of thins from him.

      Thanks Againg and Be connected.



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