Proven Tricks for Google AdSense Approval? How I Got Approval Within 24 Hours?

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Hey friends! 

Are you a Blogger? Do you have a blog? Then you have probably heard about Google AdSense. Have you ever applied for Google AdSense or is your site approved with it?

If you are still struggling for Google AdSense Approval, then you have landed in the right place. I am going to explain everything about Google AdSense and how to get Google AdSense approval quickly. 

I am going to share with you the best check-off list for getting Google AdSense Approval fast. 

The points which I am going to describe below are that I implemented on my blog and got AdSense Approval within 24Hrs. 

Probably, you may also follow these steps, but it is for you to cross-check yourself. If you go through it, then I am quite sure that you will get approval quickly and on the first attempt. 

Before we get started with Google AdSense Approval steps, you must know a little bit about AdSense.

Let’s Dive into,

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What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and oldest ad networks, of all. Google AdSense helps millions of people to make money online, whether they YouTuber or bloggers.

You are not fully authorized to apply for Blog monetization, no matter in which Niche you are working. Almost all website owners could be part of Google AdSense. 

If you have a blog or are planning to start then, Google AdSense would be the best option for you to make money online. It is free of cost for all. You don’t need to pay money for it.

How Does Google AdSense Works?

Have you ever seen Google ads in the SERP? What is that? Let me help you out. It is the ads displayed through Google AdWords Campaign. I mean to say when an advertiser runs an ad campaign it shows to all internet users in SERP. 

Same as that, AdSense works to show an advertiser’s ad on your blog or videos. You can apply to show Google ads on your blog or website through AdSense. The application process is quite simple. 

How to Apply Google AdSense?

Nowadays, almost every website owner, Blogger, and YouTuber can apply for Google AdSense for showing Ads on their blog or videos. But make sure you follow the Google guidelines before you apply for Google AdSense. 

If your blog meets all the criteria which are given by Google, then they accept your application. After Getting Google AdSense Approval you can display the Google Ad on your content. 

When your audience clicks on one of these ads, you will get 68% of the ad revenue for that click. Suppose the cost of that click is $1 then you will get 6 cents of it. Probably it is not bad you get it free of charge.

New Google AdSense Account?

If you are a Google product user or if you have a Google account then you can apply easily. Otherwise, you need to create a Google account. Suppose you have a Google account then follow these steps-

Step 1.

Open any browser and type to search for Google AdSense. You will get the result in front of you. You have to click on the first link.

Step 1Pin

Step 2.

After Clicking on the First link shown in the image, a new web page would be open. Here you have to click on the signup button.

Step 2Pin

Step 3.

When you click on the signup button, it will take you to a new page. Here you have to enter your site URL and Your email. After that, click on the Save and Continue button for further steps.

Step 3Pin

Step 4.

Here you will get the Google AdSense code which you have to put on your website. It is straightforward, and you can do it quickly. Copy the AdSense code and don’t close the window. Due to privacy reasons, I am not showing that page. 

Step 5.

Go to your blogging platform dashboard,

WordPress – Dashboard – Appearance – Theme Editor – header.php and paste the copied code just below <head> Tag. After that save or update the file. Now go to the AdSense dashboard and click on done. 


Blogger – Go to Blogger Dashboard – Theme – Edit HTML – Search <head> – Paste your Code Just below <head> Tag. After that, Save your Theme. Now go to the AdSense dashboard and click on the done button.


After successful completion of this process, your application will be reviewed by the AdSense team. If your blog meets all the criteria, your application would be approved by Google AdSense. 

Wow! You got the AdSense approval now and started earning with Google AdSense.

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If you ever applied for google AdSense then no need to sign up again because google accepts only one account per person. You can add multiple websites on the same account.

Existing Account?

Make sure you are not making mistakes to sign up again with the same account. Otherwise, your account will be banned by AdSense forever. If you already have an AdSense account, then follow the steps given below-

Step 1.

Sign in for Google AdSense Dashboard – Site – Add Site – Enter Site URL – Press Next. After that, you will get code then copy that code and follow the above methods.

Existing AdSense AccountPin

How to Make Money with Google AdSense?

As soon as you get the approval of Google AdSense, you need to create ad units for your blog. If you don’t want to create an ad unit, then you can add an auto ad on your blog. 

Google would optimize auto ads and display them automatically. You don’t have control over it. I highly recommend you create ad units as per your need and place it throughout your blog where you want.

Once you have placed ad units on your blog, it displays on that place. When your visitor comes on your blog, you will get an impression, and if they click on ads, then your revenue will start generating for that click. 

When you reach the $10 threshold, you will get AdSense verification code by post on your address. Verify your AdSense account with that code. After that, when you complete $100 in your account. You can transfer that amount in your bank after adding your bank details.

Strategy for Google AdSense Approval Instantly 

Nowadays, Google AdSense is extremely cautious about the standard of pages/ Blog/ Websites on which it is about to accept the application for displaying their ads.

So, you have to keep just higher quality and great content on your website. I mean to say that you have to maintain quality content, easy navigation, responsiveness and look like an expert site.

Despite having this type of website, you want to keep a couple of things in mind before applying for Google AdSense so that the probability of Google AdSense Approval is going to increase.

Exactly Why Your Application Gets Rejected

As we all know, Google is a reputable company, and he never wants to let its popularity down in any condition. 

Google looks very closely at each point of all the websites for which he got an application. He didn’t ignore any elements which are against Google AdSense policy.

Let’s look one by one of all the points-

1. Very significantly less and Low-Quality content

Google AdSense is one of the oldest and favorite advertising networks among all the ad networks available in the world. Most of the blogs and websites wish to show Google AdSense advertisements in their pages or site posts.

For doing this, all the blog and website owners must have to get Google AdSense Approval to display ads. Due to popularity and reputation, Google has turned into a stringent principle in giving AdSense approval. 

Google AdSense offers their ads on that website which have high quality and unique content.

Before applying for Google AdSense, you need to be sure that your content should be well understandable and grammatically accurate. If you don’t do this, then AdSense will disapprove your application right away.

So, if you want to get Google AdSense Approval quickly for your website, then you don’t compromise with the standard of content. If you have 20 unique and high-quality articles, then the chance for AdSense approval will likely be more.

2. Page design and Appearance. 

The Appearance and design of any site and blog play a vital role in Google AdSense Approval. Guess you visited a site or blog which has a lot of colors and so many alternatives.

Can you enjoy it? I am confident you may not. It is the importance of looks and design if your site has an easy, clean design and simple navigation that creates more value to the audience. 

Subsequently, Google prefers this type of website. Don’t make it bright and complicated. Because the readers come to your blog to gain knowledge that you shared here not to understand your website color.

So, if you have a website or intend to make a blog, then make it as easy as you possibly can with clear navigation.

3. Create and Publish Some Important Pages to the Website

These would be the most valuable things for every website. By doing this, you are adding more value to the user and expressing trust towards your audience and Google also. There are certain pages which are essential, according to google. Here is the list of necessary must-have pages.

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy coverage (Must)
  • Disclaimer
  • Requirements and conditions (optional)

The pages mentioned previously clarify more about you and your blog. If you don’t have these pages on your blog, this means that you’re either fake or suspicious in the eyes of Google.

Pro Tips: – The online privacy Policy page is significant in getting the endorsement of Google AdSense.

4. Google AdSense Policy

Whatever the instance, you just need to follow the regulations and rules of Google AdSense. There’s no consideration of policy violation.

I would suggest you always create unique content which makes sense with grammatically accurate content. Do not do keyword stuffing in our blog post. And also, don’t reproduce content from anywhere, it will give you a plagiarism penalty.

Apart from that, when you are applying for Google AdSense, your site should have organic traffic, not paid traffic.

Essential things to do before Applying Google AdSense approval

Now I am going to share some essential points which are very necessary for Google AdSense Approval. You have to be very sure that you are following and employing all the steps before you apply for Google AdSense. 

Let’s see one by one.

1. Always Publish Unique/High-Quality Contents.

It is imperative to write unique and informative content which gives value to this reader who came to your blog to get something. Everybody knows that content is king. 

Such content drives massive traffic to your blog. So having high-quality content onto your site increases the probability of Google AdSense Approval together with high revenue. Such a site gets more attention which adds value to your client.

I always suggest to all users who want their application to get Google AdSense Approval immediately. They have to keep less focus on the earnings. If your blog and article aren’t adding any value to your reader, it won’t ever rank in Google.

If you somehow manage to get Google AdSense Approval, the lower content will never rank, and also you won’t be able to attract any revenue.

Note: – You should always write a lengthier post so that you can add more focus keywords and information. Using this method, you will give yourself a high possibility to get a higher position in the search engines.

2. Verify yourself by using Your Name and email

Nowadays, every app and reputed website is requesting to verify you in any way. If you own a blog or website, in that case, your contact us page should have the correct information regarding you.

It’s going to be well visible to an individual as well as Google. If you are doing this, then it could be easy to get Google AdSense to verify you as a genuine person, not a robot. 

3. Having enough unique and quality content on the website 

There is nothing on paper regarding the number of posts needed for Google AdSense Approval. Many bloggers receive endorsement with less than ten articles, and many of them get rejected with too many posts also.

Like me, I got Google AdSense Approval with 20 posts. So, I think if you have this sum of unique/high-quality content onto your website, then you definitely will get Google AdSense Approval.

But you have to keep in mind that these articles should be quite informative and well-structured writing. You shouldn’t ever compromise with the quality of content and maintain it after getting Google AdSense Approval also.

4. Website Design and Performance

Your site’s speed, design and overall performance play a critical part in getting Google AdSense Approval because nobody has enough time for you to wait patiently until your blog fully loads.

Despite having good content on your blog, if your blog is slow, your user becomes irritated to view it and certainly will leave your blog. As mentioned earlier, if the content is king, then your Blog performance is Queen.

So, in this case, you will need to improve your website to get Google AdSense Approval fast. Here are some lists that you have to improve: –

  • Easy Navigation
  • Simple and simple design
  • Meaningful/correct Menus
  • Required widgets
  • Do appropriate SEO
  • Fast Loading Pages

5. Google is extremely strict towards Niche or Issue of your Content. 

According to Google Policy and Terms, he does not accept your application when You Have a blog or content on the following topic or Niche: –

  • Piracy Content
  • Adult content
  • Article on Hacking
  • Drugs
  • Illegal Based articles 

6. Domain Age

Domain age is another crucial component in getting Google AdSense Approval. Your website should be at least 5- to 6-months-old; therefore, you have enough articles and traffic that is constant. After that, if you have got Google AdSense Approval, you can earn a huge amount out of this. 

7. No third-party advertising networks:

If you wish to acquire Google AdSense Approval faster, your website should not have any third-party advertisements.

Because Google prefers fresh blogs as opposed to a blog which has third-party ads running if you are going to employ Google AdSense, ensure that your blog doesn’t have any other adverts.

When you have previously other ad networks ads on your blog, then remove it at the time of employing Google AdSense. When you get Google AdSense Approval, you can show it again.

How to avoid your Google AdSense account from becoming suspended?

 If you follow all the instructions mentioned above, you will surely get Google AdSense Approval. After obtaining the Google AdSense Approval, you need to follow and avoid some essential things to protect your account from getting banned. 

1. Invalid click and click

It’s very dangerous for your AdSense account. Because nowadays, Google is tracking all ads click. If it is invalid or clicked by you, Google will understand in a fraction of a moment. It is perhaps not a click. In this case, the odds of accounts suspension are quite significant.

2. Linking of Prohibited Material

It’s another factor that leads to your account suspension. If you’re linking a prohibited content on your post, then adverts will probably be disabled. So, I suggest you do not attach any less trustworthy source in your post.

It will lower your ranking as well as sales. If you keep doing so consistently, then your account can be suspended by AdSense So keep away your blog from piracy sites, adult websites, and also other non-graded sites.

3. Sending Ads Through Email

Never send any advertisement from email. It’s trending today, but you don’t. Google has banned all such reports because it’s against their policies.

4. Adding Prohibited Alt-text 

Many bloggers do this to increase their revenue and earnings. They have been linking adverts in the embedded form so you can get more clicks. Click here, pop-up to eliminate it. It’s likewise against Google policy. 

5. Modification of AdSense code

Google is permitting you to alter your advertising code. Thus, you’re free to customize the advertising to match your website/content. However, rendering it totally like your content for more clicks isn’t permitted.

So, I suggest that if you can customize your ads like articles, don’t get it done. It will lead you to issues.

Important Notice: – Hey guys Don’t place advertisements on 404 pages, exit pages, log in or invite your pages. It’ll soon be harmful to you.

How to Increase AdSense revenue

Every Blogger wants to increase their AdSense earnings and revenue by showing ads on a blog at different places. You can try the following points to get more click and revenue.

1. Advertising Size & place:

Suppose you’re looking for more clicks and wish to increase sales than position your ads as being a fold and try link-based and banner ads. 

It’s only that place of ads which creates the difference in your revenue. Here are some advertisement sizes that are best in various Site 

  • 336×280
  • 300×250
  • 160×160
  • 728×90 (Header and Footer)

2. In-article Ads

When any user comes to read your post and scrolls throughout the posts on your website, then there will be an enormous chance to click on ads. So, you can place ads between articles.

These types of advertisements are called contextual adverts, and these are highly relevant to the material, which includes more click for you.

3. Adding a lot of Ad Network 

My dear user, it is suggested that you do not run a lot of Ad-Network on your website because most advertisers have low CPC advertising. In this case, you will have significantly less revenue. 

That means you are blocking your earnings. Using this method, you’re able to put other high CPC ads in the area of them. 

4. Use AdSense LAB Experiment

It’s the best feature given by Google AdSense. Upon getting the approval of AdSense, you are going to be able to utilize this particular feature.

It will supply you with a superior combination of ads Which is predicated on location, page, post, and section so you will get more sales.

If you don’t have any idea, you can simply create auto ad code and position it on the web page of your website. 

Google will automatically conduct relevant ads depending on your article and also promotional.

It’s the best way when you have less knowledge about how to create adverts for the post in addition to location. Apart from these details, you can simply refer to the official website and read full guidelines.

You can get more knowledge about policy and terms and requirements of AdSense. So, it is going to turn out to be very easy for you to manage your account.


So, in the long run, we’ve learned a trick on what things to do before trying to get Google AdSense Approval? What precautions should be studied to prevent AdSense Account from getting Suspended?

The way to find high revenue? There’s absolutely no doubt that AdSense is much better and more popular compared to other advertising networks among Blogger. Its approval can be a bit hard, however, not so hard. 

You can get approval readily if you have enough excellent content. So, the main point of its acceptance is your high quality and unique content. 

If you can provide high-quality articles together with adding value to users, then you are going to earn huge money from Google AdSense.

If you find this article useful, then strike such as and subscribe to my blog to see immediate notification of my new post. If you have any questions feel free to write in the comment section below. I will respond to you soon.

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