Bluehost vs GreenGeeks 2023– Which Hosting Provider is Perfect for Your Dream Project

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Choosing the right web hosting is an essential part of kicking start off your online business faster. You will have tons of hosting options to choose from. 

You are probably considering the BlueHost or GreenGeeks because nowadays, these hosting providers are leading the market and offer tons of features and resources to run any kind of website or business smoothly.

But wait a minute!

Before and while choosing a hosting provider, you must be aware of them and their performance and hosting features. Is it sufficient for you? Do they fulfil your requirements within your budget? 

Nowadays, BlueHost Hosting and GreenGeeks Hosting are the best and most reliable hosting providers in the industry. They offer amazing features, resources, and performance along with world-class service at an extremely affordable price. 

But the problem is that we cannot go with both, we have to choose one of them. So, which one would be best for you? BlueHost vs GreenGeeks?

Getting the perfect hosting for your dream project isn’t an easy job. Either you use their services or read some of the best experts’ reviews to make the right choice for you. 

But don’t worry!

I have taken all the pain for you, and I am going to compare Bluehost vs GreenGeeks with essential features side by side to make your work easier so that you can easily pick the perfect one to start your website/Online business quickly. 

I will be covering every essential aspect in Bluehost vs GreenGeeks with examples so that you don’t get confused and pick the right one without any confusion.

So, keep reading till the end.

Before diving into the in-depth comparison, I’m sharing a comparison table between Bluehost vs GreenGeeks that will help you quickly decide the right hosting provider without spending much time.

Bluehost vs GeenGeeks ComparisonPin

Bluehost vs GreenGeeks Comparison Table Here

Ease of UseYesYes
Domain NameFreeFree
Money Back30 Days30 Days
Site BackupNoYes
WordPress InstallationYesYes

BlueHost vs GreenGeeks 2023: Who is The Best Hosting Provider?

Well, before I move to compare both hosting providers side by side, let’s have some overview of both companies. 

So, let’s get started and see Bluehost and GreenGeeks features that I like, and I always prefer these points while choosing any hosting service. You should know also!

Short Introduction of BlueHost

Bluehost Hosting is one of the oldest and most popular hosting providers in the hosting industry. It is also suggested mainly by most pro bloggers as well as officially recommended by WordPress itself.

This company was founded in 2003 and is empowering 2M+ websites globally. Presently Bluehost has 750+ expert team members dedicated to customers 24×7 round the clock. 

Bluehost offers almost all types of hosting solutions like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, etc., that you can choose according to your requirements and budgets. 

Here is the highlight of Bluehost’s journey, and by seeing that, you can easily make out what they achieved in a long time. 

Bluehost JourneyPin

Benefits That You Get in Bluehost

  • Recommended – As you know, WordPress’s market share reached approximately 40% and is continuously growing. If we talk about the best web hosting, then Bluehost is officially recommended by So, if you are a WordPress user, then it is a plus point for you.
  • Cost-Effective Plan Structure – Bluehost offers very affordable pricing for their hosting plan that you can buy as your needs and budgets. Bluehost’s basic plan starts with $2.95/month with one FREE domain name and 50 GB SSD disk space that is inexpensive compared to other hosts.
  • Website Builder – Whether you want to use standard WordPress or Site Builder, you will get AI-Driven templates (custom theme) that are fully customizable. You can create a professional-looking website without writing a single line of code.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – You will get Cloudflare CDN free of cost with any hosting plan. CDN will help you to boost our search performance when you are looking for driving traffic globally.
  • Secure Environment – If you want to grow your business, you shouldn’t compromise the security part. But don’t worry, you will get top-notch security features with Bluehost to keep your site safe from hackers and malware attacks.
  • 24×7 Excellent Support – The most crucial part of any service provider is how they help customers after the sale and can’t be overlooked. Let me be clear that you will get amazing support from experts through email, call, and chat until you get the exact solution.

Apart from that, you will get the following essential features that you get in Bluehost hosting service.

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • AI-Driven Templates & Custom Theme
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • Free Website Migration
  • 99.99% Server Uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Single Website in Basic Plan
  • 24×7 Quality Human Support
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • And many more

Short Introduction to GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks JourneyPin

GreenGeeks Hosting is one of the leading Eco-Friendly hosting providers, continuously growing and becoming a favorite of millions of business owners.

Presently GreenGeeks is powering up 600000+ websites with over 50000+ happy customers in 13 years. GreenGeeks also provides fantastic customer support round the clock (24x7x365) till your issues get resolved.

GreenGeeks hosting company is continuously growing and improving its platforms to offer the best user experience to its customers.

Apart from that, you will get excellent Eco-Friendly hosting services in the form of Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Reseller hosting at an affordable price. 

Benefits That You Will Get in GreenGeeks

  • Popular Green Hosting Provider – GreenGeeks is one of the leading eco-friendly hosting providers across the world. GreenGeeks uses 3X renewable energy to keep the environment pollution-free. 
  • Speedy Servers – GreenGeeks uses an SSD-based hosting server, an in-built caching system, Latest PHP, etc., with other enhanced technology to keep your site fast loading. They have several data centers around the globe to serve your business at any location.
  • Reliable Security – GreenGeeks offers excellent security features like real-time security scan and spam protection to protect your site against malware attacks. They also provide automatic nightly data backup to keep your website data in safe hands.
  • Inexpensive Hosting Plan – Like Bluehost, you will get a very cost-effective plan that you can choose per your needs and budgets. If you compare the features and resources of GreenGeeks Hosting, then it is an exceptionally affordable hosting provider in the industry. GreenGeeks hosting plan starts with $2.49/month with a free domain name and unlimited SSD storage.  
  • Free CDN Included –  GeenGeeks offers free-of-cost CDN integration with their all-hosting plan to make your site even faster. You don’t have to pay any fee for CDN.
  • Better Support Experience – Everything is worthless if you don’t get better support from the service provider. But not with GreenGeeks; you will get quality support from experts via chat, calls, and email tickets until your problem is resolved.

Till now, I have brought some features highlights in front of you about Bluehost and GreenGeeks. 

You can decide right now based on it, OR you can continue with Bluehost vs GreenGeeks to learn more.

I am going to compare Bluehost and GreenGeeks side by side based on some essential points that you must consider while choosing any hosting provider. 

Be with me and get Started Now!!

Side By Side Comparison – Bluehost vs GreenGeeks

There are many points to discuss on Bluehost and GreenGeeks to make you understand which hosting provider is better in 2023. 

But here, I will cover some basic yet essential points that you should not ignore while selecting a hosting service for your dream business. 

Do you agree with me!

So, let’s start one by one and see what those crucial points are. Why are they important? And Which hosting provider (Bluehost vs GreenGeeks) stands first in this detailed comparison. 

#1. Uptime & Performance

So, let’s start with hosting server performance and uptime because it is the prominent factor that can ditch your blog in no time.

Whether your blog is fully optimized and fast loading, if your hosting server can’t perform well, then no use in having a fast-loading website. 

If your hosting server performance/Uptime is down, then your site will also go down. That means your visitors can’t access your website data at all. 

Did you understand the importance of server uptime and performance? So, let’s see what the grade of server performance and server uptime of Bluehost and GreenGeeks is.


Bluehost Server ResponsePin

Bluehost is the oldest and famous as well as officially recommended by WordPress itself. In such cases, they never compromise and let down their reputation in any situation. 

So don’t worry, you will have avail of industry-standard 99.99% server time; sometimes it goes up to 100%. 

Apart from that, they have several data centers across the world and are upgrading their hardware day by day, which means your visitor will never experience the website downtime at all.

Also, no one can provide 100% server uptime constantly, so 99.99% is considered the best performance rating for all leading hosting providers. 


GreenGeeks Server ResponsePin

Like Bluehost, I am a great fan of GreenGeeks hosting as they offer what they promised. I have seen infrequent downtime with GreenGeeks in the last 30 days. 

They use the latest technology and upgraded hardware to provide 99.99% server time with better server response time and zero downtime. 

The best part of GreenGeeks is that they match 300% renewable energy to keep the environment pollution-free. 

#2. Speed of Server

Now head over to the next important point: the speed of the server. When it comes to choosing the best hosting service, you shouldn’t ignore this factor at any cost. 

But are you aware of why the speed of the hosting server is more essential than other factors? 

Because it provides the best user experience to your website as well as fast loading speed, these types of websites are loved by your audience and google as well. 

I am fully aware that website speed depends on various factors and fast servers, but the problem is that you can optimize your site for getting incredible speed, but you can’t optimize your hosting server. 

In that case, you have to select a fully optimized and blazing fast hosting server to skyrocket your site speed. 

So, let’s see which hosting server is the fastest among Bluehost and GreenGeeks. 

Author Note – No Matter how you have optimized your website considering fast loading speed, if you have chosen a slow server, your site will not load fast. 


Presently, Bluehost is consistently working on upgrading its infrastructure and hardware to provide the best possible server speed and a better user experience. 

Bluehost has started using the latest technology in their platform (like SSD-based servers, OpenStack, KVM, etc.) to enhance server performance for fantastic speed. 

They also offer a FREE content delivery network (Cloudflare CDN) with all hosting plans that boost the hosting server. 

Apart from that, Bluehost has several data centers across the globe, which could be a better option for you if you wish to target a specific region. 

I have tested the website, which is hosted on the Bluehost hosting server, and here are the results.

Bluehost SpeedPin


GreenGeeks is one of the cost-effective, fast-growing ECo-Friendly hosting providers globally.

Like Bluehost, GreenGeeks also offers blazing fast speed to all sites that are hosted on their server. I have been monitoring them for a few months and have experienced good results that are pretty impressive. 

Even though GreenGeeks is new in the market compared to Bluehost, their server is quite speedy because they use more technology to serve better. 

GreenGeeks hosting servers are faster than Bluehost because of SSD RAID-10 based hard drives, in-built LiteSpeed caching technology, MariaDB, Free CDN integration, HTTP/3, etc.

By seeing GreenGeeks speed test results, you can quickly figure out that how fast it is.

EasyWP SpeedPin

#3. Security Feature

Well, move further and see the most crucial factor that can’t be ignored at any cost: the Security feature of the hosting server. 

When you purchase hosting, you will definitely put a lot of effort into taking your business growth to the next level. Isn’t it?

But suppose one day you lose your well-established business because of the hosting server’s worst security performance (poor security features), then what is the use of your hosting server being fast and reliable?

The answer is “totally useless.”

In this situation, do you have to make sure that your hosting service provides robust security features with faster speed & better uptime or not?

So, with these statements, we will see what Bluehost and GreenGeeks are offering security benefits.


Here it is a bit of a negative point for beginners as you will not get many security features in Bluehost basic plans. It would be best if you upgraded the plans to avail yourself of extensive security benefits. 

But don’t worry, Bluehost offers many essential security features that help you keep your site data safe. 

Bluehost offers SSH (Secure Shell Access) that helps you to access particular configuration files securely. 

Apart from that, you can create a blacklist IP address easily to protect your site against bot attacks. 

In addition to that, Bluehost provides three layers of spam protection technology (Spam Hammer, Apache Spam Assassin, and Spam Expert) and Hot-Link Protection to keep your website safe and secure from hackers. 

bluehost securityPin


GreenGeeks is one of the inexpensive hosting services that promises you to offer better services, whether it is speed, performance, or security. 

They offer strong security features in all their hosting plans (starting from basic to expert) to keep your site safe and secure from intentional malware attacks.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay extra for any security features. Just you need to purchase any GreenGeeks hosting plans, and you are ready to go!

Here are some essential security features that you will get with GreenGeeks hosting service.

  • Nightly Data Backups
  • Real-Time Security Scanning
  • Account Isolation
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Container-Based Technology
  • And many more

If you are looking for better security benefits at a lower price, then you can go with GreenGeeks blindly. 

GreenGeeks SecurityPin

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#4. Easy to Manage Website

Some years ago, creating a website and managing it on a self-hosted server was a tedious job. Either you are a developer/expert, or you need to hire an experienced developer. 

But now, the whole hosting infrastructure has been changed completely. Yeah, it is true!

Almost all the hosting service providers provide beginner friendly, clean, and easy to navigate control panels to manage your website workflow.

So that you can start a website on a self-hosted server without any hassle, but there are still many hosting companies who need to improve their confusing admin dashboard.

Let’s see what kind of control panel is offered by Bluehost and GreenGeeks.


As I earlier said, WordPress officially recommends Bluehost because it is a beginner-friendly hosting service provider. 

Over the period, Bluehost has re-built its control panel structure so that you can’t struggle to manage your website by yourself. 

With all Bluehost hosting plans, you will get a clean and easy-to-navigate admin dashboard from where you can control every task of your website smoothly. 

You don’t need to jump from one page to another. You, Will, find all the settings and functionality (systematically arranged) in one place.

You can perform almost every task like App Installation, Email Account Creation, Manage IPs, Website Performance, and much more with a single click.

Apart from that, you will get a drag & drop website builder with every hosting plan so that you can create a professional-looking website and make your business live faster than ever.

Bluehost Easy to Use cPanelPin


Like other hosting providers, GreenGeeks is also improving its platform to provide the best user experience so that you can make your business online hassle-free. 

GreenGeeks offers a user-friendly easy to use control panel for managing your products with a single click. It also provides an industry-standard cPanel to manage your website data through the file manager. 

Apart from that, GreenGeeks has introduced a new feature called “Quick Launch Wizard” to start a website in some simple steps. 

Anyone can avail themselves of this feature whether you are a starting or existing customer. 

GreenGeeks Account DashboardPin

#5. Support System

Customer support facility could be one of the major deciding factors when you are looking for a long-term relationship with any hosts. 

Everyone looks for great speed, performance, and better server uptime. Still, you should not overlook any hosting provider’s customer support system (especially when you are looking for a long-term relationship). 

No one is perfect in this world, so you may require support from service providers. But if you have chosen a hosting server with a poor support system, you will suffer severely. 

So, it would be best for you to choose a hosting service with multiple support systems with less response time. Don’t go with such a hosting provider who takes an hour to respond to your messages. 

Let’s see what support facility you will get from Bluehost and GreenGeeks Hosting companies.


If we talk about customer support, then Bluehost takes it seriously and means it. Bluehost consistently improves its support system to provide fast solutions to its customers. 

Presently Bluehost is offering multiple support types (Phone Calls and Chats) so that you can get exact solutions for your problem quickly. 

They have an experienced support team available 24X7 to help you out till your problem gets solved. 

Apart from that, you will get the benefits of “Blue Flash launch Support,” in which you can directly consult with WordPress experts telephonically to get started your online journey quickly.

Bluehost has recently removed the email (ticket) support system because they are focusing more on personal interaction. 

In addition to this, Bluehost has an extensive knowledge base and many tutorials that can help you find solutions for your common issues.

Bluehost customer supportPin


Like Bluehost and other hosting providers, GreenGeeks is also one step ahead in regards to customer support. 

GreenGeeks provides quick and several types of support to make their customers happy. Presently they have a 24X7 top-notch support team who are available to respond to your calls, chats even on email also. 

Apart from that, you can take the help of Greengeeks extensive knowledge base and tutorial to solve your basic queries within a minute.

GreenGeeks SupportPin

#6. Refund Policy 

It is a bonus for all if you get a term money-back guarantee from any hosting provider. Because after buying/using their services, you can ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied with them. 

Fortunately, Bluehost and GreenGeeks are providing a 30 days money-back guarantee that means if you are not happy with their service, you can get a full refund for your hosting order. 

#7. Bluehost vs GreenGeeks – Hosting Plan & Pricing Structure

Great! We have completed the comparison of Bluehost vs GreenGeeks based on the essential points that you should always consider while buying any hosting service. 

Last but not least, most people consider their budgets on top of the points mentioned above. So, I will also include this point (Plan & Pricing) in this comparison.

Till now, I have covered almost all the primary aspects of both these hosting services like speed, uptime, security, customer support, etc., 

In addition to this, both hosting companies offer several types of hosting plans with different price tags based on features, functionality, and configurations. 

You can also buy the different hosting services as per your requirements, such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting Servers, etc. 

But what is the pricing of these services that both (Bluehost and GreenGeeks) hosting companies charge from you? 

As a beginner, you should always go with shared hosting services as they are inexpensive and fulfil your business core needs. But if you have a well-established business, then you can explore more as you need.

Here I will compare only the Shared Hosting plan and pricing of both these companies.

Let’s have a look at their hosting plan and Pricing Structure.


Bluehost comes with four types of shared hosting plans with different pricing based on features and server configuration. 

All hosting plans are similar, but the only difference is that you will get the option to host multiple websites, free automated backup, dedicated IP, domain privacy, unlimited storage in higher plans. 

There is no restriction on choosing plans; you can get any hosting plan as per your needs and budgets. 

Here is the Bluehost Hosting Plan and Pricing structure

  1. Basic – $2.95/month
  2. Plus – $5.45/month
  3. Choice Plus – $5.45/month
  4. Pro – $13.95/month
Bluehost shared hosting pricingPin


Like Bluehost, GreenGeeks also provides three types of Shared Hosting Plans with different pricing depending on features and server configuration. 

All the GreenGeeks shared hosting plans have almost the same features and configuration. Still, in the higher plan, you will get benefits like the number of website hosts, on-demand backup, free alpha SSL, WordPress repair tool, multi-user access, etc.

But it totally depends on you, which plan you are going to choose. Here is the GreenGeeks hosting plan and pricing

  1. Lite – $2.49/month
  2. Pro – $4.95/month
  3. Premium – $8.95/month
GreenGeeks Shared Hosting PricingPin

Over to You

I have finished the Bluehost vs GreenGeek detailed comparison, and I hope you have a clear-cut answer on choosing one of them. If you still have any questions, then you can ask in the comment. 

But let me clear up your doubts. If you want a reputed, customer-focused hosting service with blazing fast speed & better performance, then you should go with Bluehost blindly. 

If you find this comparison helpful, then share it with your friends. It will take a few seconds, but it motivates me to write more comparison articles to help you out.

2 thoughts on “Bluehost vs GreenGeeks 2023– Which Hosting Provider is Perfect for Your Dream Project”

  1. Hey Archana,

    I want to share an honest answer, I have used both greengeeks and Bluehost and I have finalized that greengeeks is better than Bluehost.

    note: I wrote this honest review because I am using both the hosting on my different blogs.

    Thank You

  2. GreenGeeks Hosting is better than Bluehost because GreenGeeks provide storage unlimited. GreenGeeks provide site backup. Bluehost does not provide storage and is not provide a backup site. A leading Eco-Friendly hosting provider, GreenGeeks Hosting continues to grow and become a favorite of millions of businesses.


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