Best WooCommerce Import Export Plugins for Your Online Store in 2023

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Are you searching for the top WordPress import and export plugins? Then your search stops here! 

WordPress users only consider data portability when they require it. Accessing any significant data and importing it to another website might be challenging.

In the WordPress community, the terms “import” and “export” refer to using a plugin to transfer data from one website to another. Your WordPress repository comes with a variety of built-in import and export plugins.

The finest WooCommerce plugins are those that address a requirement for your store that is insurmountably difficult to address through other means. Although these solutions are excellent, WooCommerce import/export plugins offer greater capabilities and flexibility.

So, let’s get started to explore more about Best WooCommerce Import Export Plugins for Your Online Store here,

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What are Some Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Best WooCommerce Import Export Plugins?

There are a few things you should think about before choosing a plugin to import or export products, users, or content from WooCommerce into WordPress.

  • Plugin Authenticity: Before being certified, the top WooCommerce product import plugins undergo a rigorous testing procedure. Nearly all developers adhere to this norm. Therefore, is the most appropriate location to start looking for an eCommerce plugin to import products into WooCommerce. If you’re having trouble finding it there, consider doing a Google search to see if the plugin creator has a website or other documentation.
  • Plugin Limitations: For any vulnerabilities in your plugin, you can search the WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities database. Once a vulnerability is made public, developers can immediately provide a fix and release an update. Due to these anomalies, you should avoid using outdated plugins.
  • Assistive choice: Finding a plugin with excellent support can be challenging. Checking for any issues before finding the support options for your plugin is always a wise idea. If their website doesn’t have a contact form, WooCommerce plugin developers can be contacted by email.
  • User opinions: An important factor that can make or ruin a product is user feedback. Before making any purchases, we advise reading customer reviews. Reviews frequently use general phrases like “functions fine.” A product is often considered satisfactory if it receives more than 50% positive feedback.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top WooCommerce import and export plugins for your online store.

The Best WordPress Import Export Plugins

You can discover the best WordPress import and export plugins below. To import and export your content between WordPress sites, each plugin may provide a variety of options.

1: Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

A powerful plugin that lets you export and import all of your WooCommerce data is the Import Export Suite for WooCommerce. This plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce data, unlike some plugins that only focus on customer or product information.

This premium export plugin allows you to export products, orders, reviews, users, coupons, and subscriptions in XML and CSV formats. Moreover, it supports grouped, external, and variable products. With this plugin, you can easily import all of your data into the new WooCommerce store.

There are many helpful choices available while importing, like skipping already-existing products, altering SKUs or IDs, and skipping newly-added products. Instead of uploading a file from your PC, you can even import via a URL or FTP address. The ability to exclude products by category, type, or ID is available when exporting.

The Import Export Suite for WooCommerce is the best option if you want a reliable way to import export WooCommerce data.

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2: Export All URLs

WordPress import and export plugin Export All URLs are easy to use and cost-free. All of your website’s URLs should be checked, 301 redirects should be handled using .htaccess, website security should be audited, the website should be migrated, and more.

The number of published posts and pages on your site may also be checked. You can download and save URLs to your computer as a CSV file for further use. For moving your website, this is also useful.

3: Product Import Export for WooCommerce

The Product Import Export plugin for WooCommerce allows you to import and export products. The plugin includes all the features related to WooCommerce import/export operations. You can import simple, grouped, and affiliated products with the free version of this plugin. You can import and export your WooCommerce products from and to CSV, XML, XLS & XLSX files, which is very useful. Additionally, you can import and export product images.

Fantastic features in the plugin make WooCommerce product import export more dynamic. A drag-and-drop user interface can be used to shape and organize CSV columns. In order to avoid having to make these settings each time you use the plugin, you may also save the export/import configurations. There are various import/export options available, and the plugin features a unique CSV delimiter.

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4: JSON Content Importer

It’s important to bring up JSON Content Importer while talking about powerful WordPress import and export plugins. With the use of a few shortcodes, this plugin utility allows you to display live data from a JSON feed.

You are given the option to use the keyword settings, and it manages the items that are displayed to showcase your chosen and personalized information. With the use of the template engine, you can modify the layouts to suit your needs.

5: Order/ Coupon/ Subscription Export Import Plugin

This plugin is incredibly flexible and makes it easier for you to manage data on your store. You can import and export orders, coupons, and subscriptions with this plugin as CSV, XML, XSL, and XSLX files. The addon can handle any size of data because it processes data in batches.

Additionally, you can use this plugin to arrange the automatic import or export of Orders, Coupons, and Subscriptions via FTP. Furthermore, you can use it to import and export orders from other service provider formats like UPS WorldShip and FedEx.

The clear interface of the plugin makes it simple to link WooCommerce data with a CSV file’s column headers. Also, it is compatible with important custom plugins.

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6: Advanced Orders Export for WooCommerce

Out of all the WordPress plugins for importing and exporting, this order export plugin is the tool with the most flexibility. All of the information related to WooCommerce items, including the custom and Meta fields, may be exported with ease.

It has powerful filters that enable you to choose your favorite file for exporting in formats such as JSON, XML, CSV, XLS, etc. Additionally, the code snippets made available by the utility help users add compatibility for a few WooCommerce plugins.

7: Import Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers

It’s one of the most popular WooCommerce user import export plugins for importing and exporting users and customers. The import-export extension allows you to move WordPress and WooCommerce websites quickly. The users are imported from a CSV, XML, XLS & XLSX file and exported to a CSV, XML, XLS & XLSX file. The same can be done for importing WooCommerce customers.

Furthermore, you can move essential data, such as batches, emails, roles, and date ranges, anywhere you want. Depending on the configuration, it may be able to access the user’s password if necessary.

Before importing this type of data from customers or users, modify the value in bulk using an evaluation structure. As it accepts input as a CSV/XML/XLS File, you must transform all user information before importing or exporting it.

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8: WP Import Export Lite

The WooCommerce plugin WP Import Export Lite allows users to import and export products, posts, pages, users, and more, into multiple file formats. This premium add-on is the most comprehensive import/export WooCommerce plugin available. With the help of this plugin, you may export and import data in many kinds of files. You may import and export orders, customers, ordered items, and more in addition to products.

You can export and import product data while working on other, more crucial tasks. For additional features like the user, order, customer, categories, coupons, etc., this plugin offers more than 15 additions. WPML and multilanguage features are supported by WP Import Export. Your imported and exported data can also be stored directly on your cloud storage by using the Google Drive and OneDrive extensions.

9: Blocks Export Import

Another great plugin for Gutenberg is Blocks Export Import, which allows you to import and export Gutenberg blocks as JSON. There is no learning curve with this plugin. Activating the plugin will allow you to click the plus (+) button and select the “Import Blocks from JSON” block. You can then upload any JSON file containing the Gutenberg block. You can export a block by clicking on the three dots in the block menu and selecting “Export as JSON”.

10: WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB is a database exporter for MySQL. It saves the data on the computer as a SQL file and is effective at changing URLs and file paths. It takes a database administration tool to import a SQL file into a database. Developers can migrate their data from production servers using the plugin. The plugin’s ability to serialize data and then replace it with new data after careful analysis is one of its noteworthy features.

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11: WP All Import

WP All Import is a plugin that allows just imports and supports importing a number of post kinds for both WordPress and WooCommerce, including products. The entire import procedure is simpler to manage and finished more quickly thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. The plugin asserts that there are just four steps required to finish the import process.

Both CSV and XML files can be used to import products using the plugin. A file can be downloaded from a given URL, used, or uploaded directly from your computer. In contrast to other product import-export plugins’ standard filter options, WP All Import lets you create filter rules. To filter products, you can create custom rules according to your needs.

12: WP All Export

A companion plugin to the aforementioned WP All Import plugin is WP All Export. You can export all of your WooCommerce products with the plugin in either XML or CSV format. To further simplify the export procedure, it includes a three-step export method and a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The plugin allows you to migrate products to another website, set up a WooCommerce affiliate feed, export product data for easier editing, keep backups, etc. Unlike many other import-export plugins, it doesn’t demand that your export file be organized in a certain way. They can be rearranged, and the CSV columns and XML file elements can be given new names if you choose.

Final Thought on Best WooCommerce Import Export Plugins

When you have thousands of products, there are some challenges even though WooCommerce offers numerous functions for product management right out of the box. You can effortlessly handle store data like products, orders, customers, etc. with the help of these WooCommerce import and export product plugins. As a result, we wish you luck in selecting the finest plugin for the demands and needs of your business.

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